French Montana – Sanctuary (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 3, 2013

Directed by Eif Rivera.

French Montana presents new visuals for his latest track off his Mac & Cheese 3 project. His new album, Excuse My French is set to drop April 16th.

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  • @KhuMass

    that beat is so ill but french is just terrible i can’t listen to him his like my drunk uncle singing at Christmas

  • cm

    the whole first minute is spent literally singing the weeknd’s track wicked games off key while moaning. and this dude is famous how?

  • supman

    why is there a song from broken bells in the intro..i just dont get it..will he sample them or..i dont understand..

  • GODr

    WTF is this shit?

  • Peezo

    I don’t know why he does the singing. I’m surprised his manager, or engineer, or puff, or somebody hasn’t said to him… Jus stick to the rhyming. He honestly sounds fucking terrible.

  • marty mcfly

    This probably the best Montana song i’ve heard yet. Either this or that single where he said “meet her backstage a summer jam concert”, I forgot the name of it but Im not really thinking this guy gonna pull off the album of the decade like he said he would though.

  • IjustKnw

    Producers be going out there way with these beats, sample from kingdom heart video game.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Honestly French is like Future. He can rock a catchy hook but for the other 98 percent of the time he’s straight GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop buying into this cRAP!!!!!! Muthuphukas putting this shit out should be shot SMH

  • A to the S.

    trying to understand what is wrong with these rappers these days and they believe the are making the best albums of the last decade. shhhhh!

  • Sen

    Y’all really hating. This song like the best song French has ever dropped tbh. Yes, lyrically, its nothing special, I mean it’s French Montana. But u can’t front, this song goes.

  • method

    nah imma front. this is such shit, please tell me why we need to be hearing this bullshit music in the midst of such gems in the underground world.
    its a pretty good beat, with the worst imaginable singing AND verses over it.
    dude is a joke.

  • the realest

    frechie drops gems similar to the way hov did. how you gon say dude aint lyrical when dude drop gems like “God protect a child that can hold his own.” now either you hatin’, or just really cant relate. and if you cant relate, then this music aint for you.

  • marty mcfly

    French Montana is not the kinda rapper that drops gems or even tries to be lyrical so why would you look for that in his music? French is the same thing as Wiz Khalifa but instead of weed he talking about coke. Its drug raps meant to be heard when the listener his high as a kite on whatever drug they fuck with. It aint meant to be taken as serious as a real lyricists records. French aint no underground rapper cause he knows how to make hooks, something an underground rapper hardly can ever do and he damn sure aint no gem dropping MC and he aint no Hov either, FOH. He’s another Future except he sounds like he’s high when he raps so the listener can feel like they high too. Nothing more

  • the realest

    ^ marty you a nerd. so nah, you dont catch the gems cuz you aint live it. jay-z told you that (ironic). fall back. get off jay-z dick already. HE FOR DAMN SURE AINT UNDERGROUND. or did you forget.

  • the realest

    BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE. marty, shake, meka, further nerds. BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE. post is over.