Ryan Leslie – Black Mozart (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 3, 2013

Ryan Leslie unveils the official cover art to his next album, Black Mozart scheduled to drop April 16th.

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  • YouGots2Chill

    So what happened to the other album that was supposed to drop back in oct-nov

  • veesky

    ^^^^ He dropped “Les is More” in October

  • noir

    Wit a title like “Black Mozart’ you’d think there’d be a little more thought and creativity put into the aesthetic presentation of the album… Smh

  • haze

    ^^^^ it dropped lol

  • Busta McThunderstick

    Ryan Leslie is certainly talented but he is in love with himself and shouldn’t even mention himself in the same breath as Mozart.

    No one is going to remember Ryan Leslie 30 years from now let alone 300 like Mozart.

    Deluded fool.

  • Sam

    ^^^ amen.

  • realtalk™

    So is this gonna be another rap album? He really blew it by switching from real musician to generic rapper..

  • ewewr

    lesismore didnt even chart. must hav sold 3000 copies

    • Your probably right…good album though Black Flag is my joint!! Hella slept on.

  • chex

    yeah, his arrogance is what keeps me away from his music. tone it down a bit bruh

  • marty mcfly

    @noir, he said he wasn’t gonna put too much into the presentation of this album because of the writing process. He wrote this whole album right after he came out of court for the million dollar laptop lawsuit thing. So this is more like raw emotion and he wants to keep it that way. Not making a comparison lyrically to Jayz but when he made BP1, they concept was to have no concept. Thats why Jayz rhymes are all over the place on most of that album, its just free thought and raw emotion. @Realtalk82, cosign that Black Flag joint.

  • rso

    what’s funny is that his pride and arrogance got him into to that mess in the first place. He was showing out offering that much money for retrieval. he should have just taken the L like the boss he claims he is.

  • marty mcfly

    The album is also gonna be about taken the L in court.

  • I do not like people using my name.

  • There can never be a “Black Mozart”. These names are in history because they stand alone for excellence, just be you. That is all. The media always wants to box an artist, it is what they condition us to do. The next “Jimmy Hendrix” or the next “MJ” there should never be a next, always a better. Always a better.


    There is only one Black Mozart and thats THE RZA.


    What a bunch of children. He isn’t allowed to compare himself to Mozart? Are you all big classical music fans? Before you decide that he’s the arrogant one, you should ask yourself why you judge artists’ music by their album titles.

    Just as an aside, he got a perfect score on his SAT and graduated from Harvard at age 19. I wonder how much time he’s spent criticizing album covers on blogs.

  • creditwhereitsdue

    realistically this nigga has already surpassed mozart talent wise this dude can play like every instrument sing and rap what the fuck can mozart do play some boring ass tunes

  • RG III

    dude should stop rappin and get back to rnb..everything he raps about is how much money, bitches and bling bling hes has lol