Drake – Started From The Bottom (Chopped Not Slopped)

The venerable OG Ron C took Drake's new single and lent his own slurred, syrupy touch to it.

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  • d-bo

    Drake's a faggot. Fuck this and all of his other tracks. The end.

  • who cares

    Wait wait wait! "Started from the bottom"?!? Bitch you got your fame from a goddamn TV show! Fuck off. Someone needs to rip out this asshole's vocal chords.

  • ^Haters...

  • Dom

    Why hate on Drake? Starting from the bottom can mean something different for everyone. You don't need to be a bum ass to start from the bottom. Dude worked his way to the top of the rap industry stop hating.

  • Adi Pre

    ^ Exactly. Damn haters, it's emberassing.

  • Miso

    Zzzz...like we needed a SLOWER version of this shit.

  • Fuck “who cares”

    Drake wasn't born into a TV show you fuck... Before he was on TV, he was at the bottom..

  • @Fuck "who cares" Oh yea doing corny ass dances at his bar mitzvah in a room full of white ppl is the bottom huh??? Get the fuck outta here!

  • marty mcfly

    What the fuck is the bottom anyway? Being broke? You think Drake always had a pocket full of money his whole life? Really, ok but anyways people think the hood life is the bottom until the see what the bottom is in a third world country.

  • NigelThroneBerry

    This a anthem fuck you mean, yall niggas still at the bottom thats why yall upset.

  • I like the song. But yall should know that Drake always drops the street single before the official single for the album. Why yall actin brand newwwww brand newwwww lol

  • Cool LArry

    @NigelThroneBerry And were you at nigga??? B/c i know it ain't the top!

    @marty mcfaggot you do realize no one ever takes yo bitch ass serious right

    This song is crap! weather its chopped or normal

  • yeeee

    he wasn`t on the tv show till he was 17-21 (guessing) shit yall think he was BORN the set of degrassi. he never had to go through life situations ever right

  • yeeee

    btw this first drake track i felt in a long time.
    dont gotta be on someones dick to appreciate theyre song

  • jwiii

    Drake's talent is capturing a particular emotion and translating that into a song that most can relate to. hence, this track people can bump because of that.


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