• http://insideravensmind.net nevarwilliams

    Great, simplistic cover art

  • Lance Geneva

    Only 5 new songs ? I guess this nigga doesn't feel like rapping anymore, which sucks because he was actually pretty nice.. His beats are fire though, most likely why he composed this tape with a few previously released cuts.. I just wish he rapped more often, he's more than capable..

  • PaperKut

    Yeah I'm a little disappointed. I expected more new songs with him rapping

  • rythmic_genius

    key wane is definitely nice! dope beats & flows too even though most of these cuts are old. Michigan standup #Detroit!

  • KNZO

    oddly enough, i only enjoyed the last 4 songs. 24k of gold is aight but those last 4 are great tracks. can't wait to hear for from key wane.