Lord Jamar – Lift Up Your Skirt (Kanye West Diss)

blame it on Meka February 4, 2013

This kinda… hurts to hear this. I was raised on Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian’s socially-conscious music, so to see this come from way out of left field is not only unexpected, but really isn’t warranted in my opinion. I mean, people are still worried about how the next man dresses? I’m sure others will beg to differ, however. Leave your opinions down below.

  • AJ

    Someone needs attention

  • Noe

    This. Sounds. Horrible.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I wish more rappers with real street cred would start taking Generation Weirdo to task for their faggotry.

  • So smart you’re ignorant

    BOOOOOO!!! Negro… please.

    This is what made u come outta hybernation?
    You’re that pre occupied with the next man’s sense of fashion that u would waste
    whatever good will hip hop heads hold u in on this??

    Who the fuck are u now… Joan Rivers??
    Who else outfit on the red carpet are u gonna dis?
    That right there, is some bitch shit.

    Who cares what he wears. It’s a kilt.
    No one asked ur old ass to wear one so SIT YOUR BACK IN THE DAY ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE!!

  • SforMusic

    -the diss is horrible
    – Kanye aint gonna listen to this at all
    -the only ppl who are gonna like this are trapped in the 90’s niggas who still believes HipHop is all about boom bap and timbs

    The kilt thing is not me but watchin how a man dress is as suspect as the man dressin as a chick…sometimes you let ppl do them and evolve

  • elduderino

    although i agree this diss is extremely unwarranted….it’s always nice when people rag on Kanye IMO hahaha

  • Hova

    “Run up on yeezy the wrong way I might way I might murk ya” – me

  • 215aphilliate

    im sure your neighborhood Pusha will make a response.

    “i came aboard for more than just to rhyme with him, think 99 when puff would’ve had shyne with him” – Pusha T

  • A$AP Rocky

    Its not a skirt its a long T

  • And 1

    Someone needs to tighten up their circle, Lord Jamar getting hyped up by the wrong people dropping bullshit like this, I hope Sadat X explains that this is dumb shit.

  • And 1

    Now let me say this to say that:

    A lot of little knuckleheads are going to downvote this post without going and listening to those Brand Nubian records. Not knowing about the dopeness that Jamar, Sadat, and Puba have brought to hip-hop is way more suspect than dropping a diss like this one.

    Do you homework before you go downvoting a VETERAN of this shit. Whether he’s in a bad place now or not.

  • DK

    I can definitely think of a handful of rappers who were wearing questionable attire in the 80s but I rarely hear any of these OGs bringing them up just saying.

  • SforMusic

    @And 1 it’s not about what he has done then… it’s about what he is doing now and it is reaching, he is deciding to go at Kanye West on a subject which really isnt dat serious to people except ppl with conservative views and a lil suspect views and he done it poorly ! you can show me his discography all you want but i would rather respected him more if he came with better material hell even a better diss track !

  • but he’s right

  • A$APER

    LOL the song really was is about Kayne’s fashion choices. Damn dude

  • bigErn

    Sounds like this motherfucker skipped the shine po rout on twitter and went right to the studioyooooo!! hhahaha

  • d-bo

    “Cuz if next week the new fad was hip hop fags / you’d find a lot of these thug niggaz in drag / believe that”

    Ras Kass – What part of the game is that?

    Seriously, who doesn’t think that wearing a dress as a dude is fuckin gay? Seriously?? Anyone???

  • awye

    you’d rofl if it was weasel instead of ‘ye. don’t even front.

  • ohgeez

    kanye west introduce skinny jeans?

    NWA was wearing skinny jeans
    The Warriors Movie they were wearing skinny jeans

    No one was wearing bagging fag jeans until the industry made
    you all look fucking stupid wearing tshirts that go to your knees and
    jeans that are baggy while sagging them to your thighs

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Yo Meka!!! With a name like “Meka” you should know better. I understand since you run this site, that wouldn’t be shit without it’s followers and supporters, that you have to bite your tongue on certain things and be politically correct. You know cottdamn well that this man addressed something all the older heads talk about anyways. But since the majority of your fans are in the 15-20’s age group, and are cool with homos and devil worship, even if it’s for attention,or lack there of, course you won’t say nothing. I am in no way bashing homosexuals, because in the end we all got to meet our maker, but keep it real son!!

  • rss

    @And 1 “Do you homework before you go downvoting a VETERAN of this shit. Whether he’s in a bad place now or not.”

    that is the problem with people on this site. people like you, who rate shit based on who is in the title and not the actually quality of the music. so just because he’s a veterran you gonna give it a default good rating. but it its a young money rappers you’re probably going to do the exact opposite. that’s why i dont take the voting on this site seriously. too much political bullshit based on bias factors that have nothing to do with the actual music

  • bushytop


  • qwe

    black typical hiphop ignorace: refusing to distinguish the difference between a kilt and a dress, no matter how many you explain it to them.

  • qwe

    typical hiphop ignorace: refusing to distinguish the difference between a kilt and a dress, no matter how many times you explain it to them.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    @QWE you sound like a dumb ass.. Lord Jamar already addressed ot as being a kilt, and since when did niggas start wearing kilts? That shit is for the Irish and Scootish and would be seen as a slap in the face to them, mad disrespectful. Niggas so quick to embrace cultures other than their own. Lost..

    • 215hiphop

      Lol sounds like niggas is turning into white folks. Embracing cultures other than their own and f-ing it up lol yea white folks

  • brite

    This old ass nigga must have cancer or something and wants to cross some shit off his bucket list.

    Won’t be surprised if I hear how he tried to organize an pan sexual interracial gangbang with 14 multi ethnic hoookers.

    Nigga gone crazy.

  • DK

    @SupremeSoulstice Andre 3000 wore a kilts.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    @DK, I blame Erykah Badu!!! That bitch got voodoo pussy

  • dirk

    There’s a difference between a skirt and a scottish kilt…

  • ShawnVegg

    You niggas are talking about this niggas past. Fuck who is is and what he did and acknowledge that this is a weak ass, unnecessary diss for attention.

  • marty mcfly

    I for one am glad he’s keeping it real. You fools talking about Jamar just want attention? GTFOH, this fool had years already of getting attention before Kanye ever made his first beat so do your homework first before you think a nigga just started rapping yesterday as if he’s hungry for attention. Bottom line is Kanye has done alot of shit over the years to embarrass the culture. He’s been a great artist but all this extra shit was getting outta hand. And the shit is a fucking dress you faggot ass mufuckas. You wanna call it a fucking kilt like we in fucking old century scotland then go ahead but over here in america nigga that shit is a fucking dress and NO that shit is not hip hop, it aint even artistic. If you dont like it, cry me a fucking river.

  • sandy

    Somebody’s becoming irrelevant, “Let’s diss Kanye,” and just to make sure the people get, we’ll put “(Kanye Diss)” at the end of the title. Cool.


  • SupremeSoulstice

    Look, the reason why youngins are so fucked up is because they idolize pieces of shit, and imagery, and muthafuckas who can teach and lead, won’t and don’t. I’m quite sure Lord Jamar knew this diss wasn’t going to sky-rocket himself to fame. Nigga addressed something that was real and instead of y’all paying attention to the message you let that shit go right past y’all heads. Simple minded ADHD having fools.. I guess this is the generation we live in. Y’all leaders are closet homos and wanna be satanist rocking images of baphomet and 666 cuz it look cool. While the real ones with somethin to say get slept on cuz that shit don’t sell! Who’s the suckas? Y’all sheep asses or the industry? I’mma go with y’all. Peace

  • BrooklynKnight

    I can tell by these comments that thers alot of kids born in the 90’s here that don’t know shit.

  • SforMusic

    Ohh u niggas should really miss me with the closet homophobia and he’s speaking real talk about kilts and shit cos he is from the golden era …and leave it to one idiot to say the usual satanist blasphemy. Ask yourselves this question really truthfully…who really wants to dress exactly like Kanye ? ppl may want the sneakers and the $200 t-shirts but I guarantee you, no one is looking at the kilt and be like yhh dats my shit ! if u know ppl like that den u must some fashionable hipsters and that would fuck up your point. My problem with this is instead of a supposed veteran come with good music and not a false sense of entitlement that cos he was in the golden era, he should somehow be held at a certain standard. Sometimes you 90s fans need to get over yourselves. 1 more thing last i checked A$AP and Kanye are popular because of music first and foremost and fashion second, if u are bashing them cos of their fashion sense other than the music den you are suspect to me cos u are not confident about your ownself so u bash other men who are confident to express themselves let creative ppl be creative ppl … take your outdated ideas somewhere else

  • This nigga gay

    that has to be the most homosexual song title directed at another man. you really trynna see whats under Kanye’s skirt? smfh

  • marty mcfly

    First off, I still dont know what a hipster is and that term did not come from the hip hop culture. That term came from people outside of the culture that needed a label term to put on people into retro 90s fashion but anybody really into the culture should not be using it to define any artists in the culture because thats not what its about. Now as far as the dress shit, if you yourself would ever wear a kilt then hey more power to you but if you wouldn’t put on one yourself then Idk what your mad for. 3rd, a kilt is not hip hop culture and if it is then I never saw it as part of hip hop. You got a bunch of artists thats thinking fashion forward now and thats cool but if you claim to be hip hop then first thats about being fresh to def and cool as fuck so if you standing in the mirror and that kilt shit is not really rockin like that then is that really hip hop? Dont hip hop fashion first start in the streets and then evolves into different ways of rocking that particular piece of clothing? So where did the dresses and kilts come from? What neighborhood or hip hop designer make that up? Shit is crazy, im done but again if yourself aint willing to put on a kilt then I dont see why you got a problem with saying that shits wack.

  • Truth

    1. Criticizing men’s fashion is super gay.

    2. Being anti-gay in 2013 is hilarious…and sad.

    3. This diss is a desperate ploy for attention, which even Kanye’s weed carriers’ weed carriers will ignore.

    4. There’s a reason why nobody gives a f-ck about Lord Jamar in 2013. Being a contrarian with Stone Age opinions isn’t hot.

    5. Nobody who calls themself “Lord” is in any place to talk about ego.

  • SforMusic

    cos itz muscially wack, message or no message it is a wack song, alot of ppl here are willing to put down a whole kanye west catalog cos of one wack song and but turn around and say Lord Jamar is a veteran cos we should put him at a certain standard well im sorry if you are a veteran and you dissappeared and you decide to come back, come back with a good song ! dat rule is universal to ALL artist and I do mean ALL artist !

  • marty mcfly

    As far as criticizing a mans cloths? Hasnt that ALWAYS been in hip hop? From the very start MCs and the fans of hip hop been saying what they wear is the dope and what somebody else got on is wack so criticizing somebody else cloths is still within the realm of hip hop. As far as Lord Jamar being old thats cool but what happens in 20 years when people are saying Kanye is old? Dont he still have a voice to give his opinion on whatever that current state of hip hop is at that time? Ok then

  • DK

    @marty mcfly who defines what Hip-Hop is and is not. People like to define hiphop by what they like and don’t like but guess what hiphop isn’t in it’s infancy anymore like other genres it’s evolved passed that and has several subgenres/cultures. You can say what you want about rappers like ASAP, Kanye, Theophilus etc., but their “fashion foward” eccentric style is a subculture of HipHop the same way timbs, excessive jewelry ,starter jackets, air force 1s etc. were in the past.

  • marty mcfly

    @DK, yeah thats fine but at some point hip hop can be defined by a number of things. As for Kilts, If that came from Scotland then thats what it is, its the culture of Scotland. Now if people wanna force another culture into hip hop then go ahead but from what I know Kilts never really had a place in hip hop so its some other shit that people wanna put into hip hop but people have a right to say you know what, I dont see where the culture of hip hop has any relation at all the kilts as far as the style of cloths here. Now if these artists wanna say they’ll wear a kilt or a long dress because thats them and nobody else can wear then is that really hip hop? I thought hip hop was about the people and the people in the streets that hip hop often discusses in the music. I aint seen the kilt culture in the streets of Chicago my dude and even though Kanye might be an international artist, he aint making scottish music about scottish culture.

  • marty mcfly

    And before you say that artists like Wu Tang got there influence from other cultures. Yes thats true but they put that in the music and then chopped and sampled it with hip hop styles and then put it with their own cultures and personality on it and then rocked out for 20 years doing it. They didnt just one day decide to dress up like ninjas at a show a couple times without years and years of that influence already being a part of their music.

  • DK

    @ So by that logic you can’t adopt anything outside your own culture put your own spin on it and make it uniquely yours? By that logic that means anyone making HipHop music outside the US is not making hip-hop music since it’s not originally from their culture. Also the kilt/skirt is just one thing people like to cling to since it’s the most eccentric. Kanye’s whole thing is this high fashion image which he’s pretty much been doing since college dropout (and has been apart of his music since Graduation). The only real defining feature of hiphop is rapping after that anything else (flow,style, subject matter,beat) just adds to what subgenre or culture of Hip-Hop it is there is not just one culture of hiphop the same way there is not just one culture of rock. There is High Fashion hip hop, Gangsta Hip hop, pop hip hop, rock hip hop etc. and even these thing aren’t set in stone as they cross in a number of songs.

  • marty mcfly

    Im saying KILTS has never had any relation to hip hop. Fashion does have a big influence on hip hop culture and I never at anytime seen that Kilts were apart of hip hop culture. Now you have that wanna take from other cultures and call it hip hop but if you ask the actually people from that culture if its hip hop they’ll most likely say NO because they know its not. Again give me one neighborhood or place in america where the people there are into kilts and have been into kilts. That place dont exist because america is not Scotland.

  • kanye west is a faggot douche bag.

  • Tekwon

    Kanye West is the definition of a douche bag. I didn’t listen to the song but obviously alot of people have opinions. I can’t justify talking about how someone dresses because everyone has their own sense of style. But it’s about time someone called it like it is about Kanye. The dude is a piece of shit who peaked years ago and I wish more people had the balls to say it.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    What happened to mc’s being raw? Not all this prima donna, look at my expensive ass shit you’ll never have that sets me apart from everyone, fuck the fact that I’m wack, but the beats knock niggas? Thank God there’s still some raw cats that get shine on this site but 75% of the shit is garbage, and fuck y’all so-called fans for accepting the shit.

  • marty mcfly

    And Kanye aint been wearing no Kilts since College Dropout. People think Kanye is into high fashion simply because he said he is but if you look at how he came in, it was polo shirts, throwback jerseys, fitted hats, cashmere vests, fresh sneakers and gucci backpacks and all those items actually do had a connection to the hip hop culture and it was that way ten years before Kanye so he did not create that kinda style but he was representing it. Until I see a group of people going to the store to get fresh with some fucking kilts then I wouldn’t be so fast to call it hip hop. It maybe just Kanye

  • Pauly D

    There is too much stupidity in Hip Hop, and I see that the majority of that stupidity is coming from the self-proclaimed Hip Hop heads.

    They represent a small section of a generation who were raised to be extremely intolerant and otherwise impartial to hard, cold facts

  • Pauly D

    “then I wouldn’t be so fast to call it hip hop.”

    You can’t say one aspect is Hip Hop and then reject another.

  • Pauly D

    As for the diss itself, I really don’t see what, on Kanye’s part, would personally prompt this fuckery of a song.

  • Pauly D

    But, alas, I guess you gotta get your name in the “papers” some kinda way. “Good publicity or bad publicity, it’s all the same thing: PUBLICITY”

  • SupremeSoulstice

    @Pauly D, I call bullshit. We’re in a time when a nigga voice how he feel and don’t agree, then a nigga hating. I rather a cat be real about shit than to be pc just to fuckin fit in. Fuck that shit. That ain’t hip-hop. Niggas is fuckin soft yo. If I don’t like it and I see bullshit I’m gonna call it out. Fuck the bullshit.

  • DK

    @marty again you missed my point about how there is not one Hip-Hop culture and the Kilt is just apart of Kanye’s bigger “high fashion” hip hop persona and it’s not like he just took a traditional plaid kilt and wore it like that (which Andre did years ago yet no one ever questioned it then?) he took a kilt changed the fabric and fit and added in some streetwear (graphic tees & sneakers) to make it his own. In terms of neighborhoods I’ve seen kids all across New York trying to emulate Kanye’s (and ASAP Rocky and Theophilus London’s) especially in Brooklyn (probably because of Williamsburg). I know right after the Niggas in Paris video I definitely saw some kids wearing leather skirts and pants.

  • Pauly D


    There’s a difference between letting your differences on a subject known in a CIVILIZED way and having to make a diss track about a topic so completely childish.

    You have the right to let your voice be heard, but you’re NOT allowed to spout out ignorant nonsense, just like Jamar here.

    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

  • DK

    “People think Kanye is into high fashion simply because he said he is but if you look at how he came in, it was polo shirts, throwback jerseys, fitted hats, cashmere vests, fresh sneakers and gucci backpacks”- Polos , Cashmere, and Gucci are all high fashion the only reason they became popular in the hoods was because people wanted to flaunt how much money they had they were not always apart of Hip-Hop culture they were added incorporated in. Also I’m pretty sure Gucci is italian

  • Pauly D

    With lyrics like these: “Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West”, it’s really no wonder why the modern black community has an extreme case of homophobia.

  • Why Lord Jamar comin’ at Ye like that when this nigga used to be rockin’ baby wallpaper colored shirts when he was with Brand Nubian.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Pauly D, who’s being ignorant, and since when did being “civilized” become a prerequisite in rap music? You act like Kanye ain’t never showed his ass or been civilized his whole career. Fuck outta here son. I ain’t never hear Jamar diss and steal the limelight form a bitch at an award show or brag about fuckin a nigga bitch and using his “power” to get a nigga kicked off a team. Y’all stickin up for an egotistical closet homo-thug of a God body.. Hip-hop has always been about calling a nigga out if need be.. What era was you born in again? Do the knowledge bruh..

    That was African king shit you fuckin new booty. Brand Nubian always been on that positive, expose the wicked shit. You obviously ain’t knowin.

  • marty mcfly

    @DK, some people just wore those things because they were cool. It dont always have to be about how much money it costs. The same way Kanye dressed in 2002 -2004, cats was dressing like that in the mid 90s already. Those cloths was not that big of a deal in the hood back then cause that style was already all over the place. Another thing is hip hop is about looking cool not just saying some shit is cool because its high fashion. Not only is hip hop about high fashion but its also about taking cloths that aint expensive and making it look fresh too. Like when Pharrell brought back lumberjack shirts in 07 or when cats was tying up their scarves a little looser around the neck in 08. Even if you wanna put a twist on pricey clothing it still gotta be dope. Jay had them loud colors and bigass shirt cuffs on his button ups at first but it was still kinda cool. Now go put on a kilt, no matter if its traditional or custom made. Does that shit like right just off top? Put your jordans on with that bullshit. COMEONSON that aint no damn hip hop.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    @Fuckyoupayme I just went to your tumblr and it’s obvious now why your statement was fucking stupid. I could never expect you to understand that Brand Nubian shit

  • marty mcfly


  • Fart

    Pause on that song title

  • BlackGrandpaSimpson

    I’m really happy that the dumb, intolerant hip hop fans are vastly outnumbered by the intelligent, progressive hip hop fans.

    Lord Jamar’s just another 40-year-old rapper who couldn’t evolve…do a News Google of his statements and check out the commentary…it’s kinda sad when legends become laughingstocks but dude brought it on himself. :(

  • SupremeSoulstice

    The only ones to get mad at Jamar for telling the truth is homo’s feeling like they are being attacked. I tell you what, I ain’t for bullying, and I will always respect the next man unless that man is disrespectful. Just don’t get upset if I tell you what I really fell about homosexuality cause I’m going be honest. You can say love is love and all that bullshit but it ain’t natural. If it was you’d be born with both reproductive organs instead of the one you were born with. Since when did being emasculated in hip-hop become the norm? Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle interview when he said to be famous and black in American society the feminization of the black male is expected and accepted. This shit is deeper than you realize. Research Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, and planned parenthood. You know what, nevermind. That’s way too much for you simple minded fucks.. If you want to wear a dress, wear a dress, nigga if you want to suck a dick, suck a dick.. there’s a parable of not wasting what’s holy to swine.. You either got clear vision or you don’t.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Teachers, teach.. Followers, Follow.. Sheep are just that, Sheep

  • Pauly D

    “Pauly D, who’s being ignorant, and since when did being “civilized” become a prerequisite in rap music? You act like Kanye ain’t never showed his ass or been civilized his whole career. Fuck outta here son. I ain’t never hear Jamar diss and steal the limelight form a bitch at an award show or brag about fuckin a nigga bitch and using his “power” to get a nigga kicked off a team. Y’all stickin up for an egotistical closet homo-thug of a God body.. Hip-hop has always been about calling a nigga out if need be.. What era was you born in again? Do the knowledge bruh..”

    So just because something was done in the past, that makes it right? No, it just highlights the intolerance that you’ve been raised with.

    This stems from, again, an extreme dislike for the homosexual percentage of the population (albeit, the population is small). You feel that it is okay for Lord Jamar to “call Kanye out”, but hypocrisy still stands. Wearing a kilt does not make one feminine; that’s a completely “American” way of thinking. “Uhh, well hurr durr dere different so dat gives me da right to bully others”


    You just keep coming across as an EXTREMELY ignorant homophobic old man from the 70’s. Again, why don’t you take a chance to understand the other side before you denounce something as “feminine”?

    Now, tell me, who is REALLY the sheep here?

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Pauly D, what the fuck are you talking about and when did I ever say I didn’t tolerate anyone? I said how I felt about the matter. Say what you want. I feel like the majority of others, but unlike them, I don’t hide out of fear of being called ignorant or a homophobe.. So Kanye can show how ignorant he is everyday but a stand up dude can’t do the same to him? Wearing a kilt doesn’t make one “gay” but if you would’ve taken the time to watch Vlad’s interview where Jamar broke it down you’d have got the bigger picture for what he was trying to say. I got gay potnas who I fuck with all the time, I know they talk that born this way shit but they were raised around pieces of shit for fathers or women only.. I see the big picture and call them out for what it is all the time.. there’s stories are always the same, Non-existent fathers, abusive fathers, or father who were never there to teach them how to be men, or reach them as men.. cant speak for lesbians.. So because I don’t follow the norm or see things as you do that means I’m the ignorant one? Like I said, do the knowledge to get the deeper understanding before you speak.

  • RatherUnique

    All of your are ignorant, homophobic, and need to grow up. I love 90’s boom bap just as much as the next man, but hip hop fashion, and fashion in general, has drastically changed over the years. Culture and the formalities that define it tend to rapidly change as time progresses. This is an easy concept to grasp. It is 2013, not 1994 era Queens bridge or 1995 era Wu-Tang Staten Island. Personally, I have no reason to wear a kilt, but Kanye West feels like he does, and that’s okay. Judgement is not justified, and if you can’t accept that, then you have some problems that need to be worked out. More importantly, even if this diss isn’t an attempt to reinvigorate a stagnant career, it is completely unnecessary, silly, and a bit bizarre.

  • INyoGIRLcar


  • INyoGIRLcar


  • RatherUnique


    I also wanted to add how I think it’s ironic that someone like Lord Jamar, a once ‘socially conscious’ rapper, would release a track so ill founded and unintelligent. It’s as if he devolved mentally. Either way, this diss is awful and it’s arguable that the last substantial rap feud the hip hop community extensively absorbed was Jay and Nas.


  • fakesout

    It’s about time he got aired the fuck out, this wack ass narcisst is ruining Hip Hip, Kanye and that fake and plastic Kardashian trash cunt need to disappear.

  • fakesout

    is that Kanye faggot Scottish?…NO why would he have a right to wear a kilt as “fashion”?…he is just being the attention seeking faggot that he is by wearing one.

  • 44wade

    kanye is a white woman dressed up as a black man

    i wonder how many of the people who hated on this are under 20

  • chill out motherfucker

    who give a damn? yall niggaz useless

  • Penny

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    the whole hip hop fashion thing is pure ass shit its gay
    their clothes are hilarious i can laugh at any, minus a few that i cant even name

  • Teton Gravity Research

    No one can deny Kanye is far from a masculine dude. He’s overly sensitive & emotional, blurtsing out shit and then doesn’t want to be held accoutnable, constantly bragging about fashion & 1% type shit. He acts like a bitch on the regular. How is this suprising that some old school 5%er isn’t down with that shit? This isn’t great, but I get it. Not mad at this at all.

  • Jhock420

    This trash, Dudes just using a relavent rapper because noone gives a fuck about this song if Kanye West is not in the description. Not dope even a little.

  • jhock420

    READ YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH BEFORE MENTIONING BRAND NUBIAN. make yourself look ignorant and hipocritical.

  • rob bass

    This dude should be ashamed of himself!! Pathetic. SMH.
    WOW. “Fuck a Bum wack rapper making a career outa dissin” -NAS
    And I know Brand Nubians been here but Lord Jamar looking like a clown dissin KAnye

  • d

    terrible fucking beat. terrible fucking rhymes i’ve heard chief keef more lyrical than this garbage. mother fuckers have run up to me while i was tailgating with $5 cd’s that were hotter than this shit and i don’t even like kanye.

  • Divine Love

    I’m sad my children have to grow up in these times. Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Period. All these young cats should listen to pass the gat and punks jump up to get beat down.

  • Unkle Paulee


  • inyogurlcar

    Niggaz is wearing dresses these days…smh,

  • Iown You

    I can’t believe you sat here and wrote this blog post like a man wearing a gotdamn skirt is good. What the FUCK is wrong with you? Huh? What the FUCK is wrong with you?

    These dudes are going to start wearing high heels and makeup and your ass will be here talking about “Oh, nobody should say anything about what a grown man wears!”

    Get the FUCK outta here.