Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Junior Gong

blame it on Meka February 4, 2013

Rastafari stands alone.

  • Rastafari

    Jah Bless !

  • kingg

    His name is damian marley right ?

  • BUMBAAARAASSCLAATTT! Ah 2 dope ah play dis tune err sah?! Rahhtid Meka! Yuhh done know! Bloodfyre shot up inna di air mi bredda

  • Very dope!

  • goose

    This is the Ini Kamooze version, not Junior Gong

  • wat

    Why would you put up a song that isn’t even by Damian Marley/Junior Gong? Yes he sampled this song in Welcome to Jamrock but why label this Junior Gong?

  • Dan V

    y’all are obviously not familiar with the concept of the Soul Mix Show.

  • anthony

    and if yall wanna go deep. This song uses a sample as well. In the beat-Ini Kamoze sampled Gregory Isaac. I wanna say the song is night shift nurses.

  • come on

    are there people that really dont know this sample? I swear Ini Kamooze gets the same amount of play as Damian does on the reggae stations. or is it just hawaii?