MGK – Started From The Bottom Freestyle

blame it on Illy February 4, 2013

Bad Boy’s MGK remixes Drake’s latest joint.

  • (l,k)

    make it stoppp

  • CT

    y’all need to stop hating on Mgk because he’s white! I’ll admit Sometimes his music is weak but when he does come with good freestyles y’all still say its wack. Give respect when it’s deserve. I actually liked this better than drake’s

  • austin

    Keep the remixes coming.


    This kid don’t rep Cleveland right

    Bone Thugs, Chip, Cudi, Muamin Collective & all them Cleveland Tapes artists, yeah… but MGK??

  • In Your Fucking Face

    I Only Doped This Because Of The Smart Decision He Made Using That AK 414

  • chuck

    this shits dope.

  • se7ven

    Started from the bottom, and he’s still there.

  • real

    this is fuckin sick people be given thumbs
    down without listening . haters. racists. no really.
    shits FIYAH

  • j2fly

    people hate for no reason

  • george

    Better than Drake lyrically on this joint. Never thought I’d say that!

  • Rigamortis

    MGK kind of looks like Yelawolf on this picture. Haha
    He wants to be him so bad!

  • moshizzle

    fuck tha haters. shit is dope. keep it up kells.

  • Mac Dre

    Oh SHIT! MGK just went in on King Chip starting with that “living in LA” line! That’s fucked up! Cleveland needs UNITY!

  • James Dean

    mgk and his story kind of does more justice to the concept of this song….drake did his thing to though

  • JoMoses

    So was that LA line at Cudi or nah?

  • LexiCon

    There are bunch of white rappers doing real stuff: Eminem, Slug, Apathy, Jedi Mind Tricks, Slaine, Grieves, Yelawolf, etc. They’re original! MGK is NOT! Just a skinny angry white boy doing dumb shit.

  • Mc

    Wiz had the best remix verse so far, so everyone else needs to fall back. Only person I really would like to hear on this is Kendrick.

  • Mike Tomlin

    If you Nope’d this you obviously didnt listen to it… Give dude a chance.

  • its just somethign about this cat that I CANT RELATE with,

  • Iseah

    MGK is a beast, people hate on him for no reason. Or because he’s white, not quite sure.

  • Penny

    Anybody Who Shops At Karmaloop Or Plndr, Enter Rep Code PENNY93 & Save!

  • Mac Dre

    @JoMoses No, everything starting with that LA line was at King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper). Look up the song “I Run My City” by Chip Tha Ripper, and that’s what MGK is referencing and talking about how Chip never got on nationally.

  • Jax

    not a fan of MGK at all but this shit is pretty dope, can’t hate on this one.


    HOLD THA FK UP!! I’m tired of this YELLAWOLF Comparison Sh*t, MGK grew up in CLEVELAND!!! I’LL SAY IT AGAIN —>CLEVELAND, thats Y he raps fast, thats Y spits they way he do, every nigga in Cleveland know he been rapping like this since “03”, I’ll say it AGAIN “03”, WHERE THA FUK WAS YELLAWOLF?……… I’ll Wait…………He was on MISSY ELLIOTS Reality Show, where did he get his style from? BONE THUGS (Cleveland) right? I’m a Fan of YellaWolf but MGK been doing that type flow hands down, & that line was directed to YOUNG STONE, even CHIP, Ray Cash, and Shank made reference to dude about moving to LA & blowing up, dayum near 8yrs ago, DONT GET MAD THESE JUST FACTS!! LEARN SOME INFO!!

  • Did it better justice just than Drake. Don’t hate.

  • n/a

    MGK went in on this track. There are not many artists from Cleveland that are lyrical. Give this man his respect for a dope mix. Best so far!! 216!!! Est!!