• dead_pow


  • @KhuMass

    people only like her because shes famous

  • Cool LArry

    ^^^^^^^ She still sexier then any wack bitch they yall been with!

  • Joreal

    She bad a fuck.

  • http://joshrichraps.com JoshRichRapsOfficial

    I want the "behind the scenes" pix.

  • malcyvelli

    she does have a certain mystique about her, but i swear this is the most overrated bitch ive probably ever seen, shes the new megan fox, yo

  • doc rovers

    you hyped this pics up way too much. extremely underwhelming

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    She bad bad

  • x

    Suck me sideways.

  • JussSayin..

    Has a certain slut look but wouldn't fuck her with Chris Browns fist...

  • say what

    number 5 looks good. Rihanna bad yall. would hit from the back day and night

  • rodah

    Must. Have. High. Res. Pictures.

  • trvpmvssivh

    she mad

  • trvpmvssivh

    she need to do playboy one time for the real niggas

  • Penny

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