dead prez – No Way As The Way (Video)

blame it on Illy February 5, 2013

Directed by Danny Hastings.

The legendary dead prez premiere new visuals for “No Way As The Way” from their latest album, Information Age.

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  • midnightkat

    Love the message. RBG for Life!!!!

  • Deekone

    This is the shit we need more of. I’m glad its to a semi weak catchy pop melody. Good for DP

  • cellmass

    good shit. live, laugh, love!

  • who cares

    Too fuckin’ weak. Can we say reaching for a bigger audience? Don’t force yourself on the audience, let them come to you. This entire album was 100% garbage.

  • Martha McFly

    Straight Garbagio.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think Dead Prez is reaching with this album because as an artist you cant reach from their lane cause it will never work even if you make the most incredible music. The last time the Dead Prez lane was poppin it was 1989 when P.E made Fight The Power and Ice Cube made his solo debut Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. Since then people aint as charged up for this type of music cause they hardly are even educated about it and since its not about poppin mollys I doubt this era of rap fans would even care so it would be pointless to reach from that lane. I think the decision to make this type of music was just simple and easy. I think they just went in the studio and said lets make this type of album and it was that simple and the music sounds like it was delivered with ease on their point. I highly doubt Dead Prez would reach from a lane that hasn’t had a big fanbase since Ice Cube’s Jerry Curl was drippin on the floor, KRS-One had an album out that looked like the Malcolm X picture, rappers were wearing african medallions and afrocentricity was still at the core of hip hop culture overall.

  • marty mcfly

    I understand why some people wouldn’t like these kind of beats but im sure Dead Prez already knew that hardcore purists wouldn’t like it but I guess they said oh well and just made what they wanted to make.

  • LaoTzu

    @marty mcfly
    Ya I agree with you dude. it’s not the time and place for who they used to be. I appreciate that they are trying to reach a wider audience with the beats and what not so as to pass on their message, which is the whole core of their music, but I kinda wish they would stick to their fanbase, and hope that people who are down with them and what their about would spread it for them. Anyways always nice seein some rappers tryin to make the world a better place

  • marty mcfly

    This is another reason why Jay Electronica not dropping his album effects some other aspects of the game because the after effects of such an artist makes other artists like Dead Prez much more appealing to this era. Its the same kind of message but its just somebody gotta make it the cool thing again.