Joe Budden Confronts Consequence, Reconciles With Prodigy

blame it on Shake February 5, 2013

With their troubles brewing from Love & Hip Hop, Joe Budden interrupts Consequence during an interview on Hot97 to let him know how he feels. Check the recording of how everything went down (which Cons says is a “bogus” edit) up top. UPDATE: Speaking of Joe’s beef  in the industry, hit the jump to see a recent picture he threw up on Instagram saying he Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy “spoke like men.”

No Love Lost, available now (stream here and purchase here).

  • FatguyEatinCHEESE

    Handled like men..

  • Leezy

    Cons had no choice BUT to handle it like a man. How further into the corner could Joey have put him. So much stuttering.
    Good shit by Joe

  • iSpeakzTroof

    fuckin Cons always poppin off at the mouth behind ppls backs. Good to see his true self when he gets confronted.

  • fukk cons

    joe punked the shiit out of cons little biitch didnt this dude say he was gonna put hands on joe? lmfaoooo typical internet warrior

  • donkey kong

    fuck buddens, cons shoulda smack da shit outta him like the chef

  • consisahoe

    Everybody enjoy their day lmao

  • eree

    wtf cons. changed your tone there nigga

    but what does budden wait until his album is coming out to confront niggas. the guy a such a publicity whore

  • chronwell

    Cons said its nothin or …its whatever..Thats what I heard.

  • Publicity whore? Whn someone is tlkn trash abt YOU, especially going to put HANDS ON YOU, you won’t confront them whn you have the chance? And the whole ordeal abt Raekwon puttin’ hands on Joey? FALSE, it was who was WITH Raekwon. But that shit is mad old, I bet my upcoming paycheck you won’t put YO HANDS on fuckin’ Joe Budden, fuckin internet pussies, lol. And that’s a FACT!

  • erer

    @eree son i didnt question his action i questioned the timing of it. him and prodigy been had this conflict. he timing of his squashing it is too convenient not to address it. Everybody knows budden is a publicity whore, i wasnt exposing nothing

    and honestly you sound dumb talking about paychecks and puttin hands on niggas, nobody was on no tough guy shit until you started ranting. keep your paycheck fam. smh

  • @Ill Son – Sounds like you may need some napkins to clean up where joey blasted you on the chin – noone cares about your bum ass check

  • Silas

    @Ill Son – Sounds like you may need some napkins to clean up where joey blasted you on the chin – noone cares about your bum azz check

  • the realest

    man both these niggaz some lames. joe is a crack head literally and cons is a white-woman wifing muslim. lmao where do yall find these rappers yall praise???

  • i guess this is how niggaz in new york/ jersey get down lol

  • adi Pre

    I’ma fan of Budden, but Cons handled himself straight up.

  • The whole check was a figure of speech smart asses. The whole Prodigy situation between the two, for one, whether it was squashed then or now doesn’t matter. As long as it got taken cared of. Same as Jay-Z vs Nas, that shit took, HOW LONG? 6-7yrs? For them to squash their “publicized” differences. Publicity whore or NOT, what matters is the differences got taken care of. Which should only matter. Ppl have better things to do, situations they have in play where their mind is FAR from squashing anything. So take it for what it is. #Period

  • James Dean

    I also heard Cons say..”it’s nothing or it’s whatever..” but let’s just gloss over that one though lol.

  • 2dope4nope

    “everybody enjoy the day” haha real shit gotta respect

  • Jake

    Cons come soff ignorant as fuck in this.

  • DT

    Everybody is always gonna have something negative to say. Even if Budden didn’t have an album out niggas would have some shit to say about him squashing his beef with Prodigy publicly. So his timing is irrelevant. Im a Budden fan, but regardless of that, he handled the shit like men need to. If somebody is speaking disrespectful in public, you address that shit in public. If somebody called your mother a bitch in public, your not gonna politely ask him to join you in a private mediation to reconcile. Your gonna find him wherever he is an confront his ass. He had issues that were publicized, an he handled the shit in public.

  • marty mcfly

    I like Cons music and I never really fucked with Joe shit but keep it real, Cons did get punked. Come on Cons, dude said he thought about putting hands on Joe and if Joe wanna take it on some battle shit then he could. Then Joe confronts him and Cons acts like he never said shit, smh. All he had to do was tell Joe whatever its gonna be, its gonna be period. Cons is from Queens right, how the fuck he backing down from a fight. FOH

  • Slaughterhouse

    ‘It’s whatever.’ LOL… Cons is such a faggot. The man got all butt hurt because Joe said he’d never work with him, lol. C’mon now…

  • marty mcfly

    Now that I think about it, Cons did say in both those same interviews that he really didnt have a problem with Joe (he said he didnt have no venom for Joe unless Joe had some for him), so really they just arguing over nothing but still Joe kinda stepped to Cons like he came to handle some business and Cons started talking fast like he didnt wanna go there. Its time for Cons to slow his roll.

  • Disfuncion

    Joey got more drama than gossipin bitches. Punk boi

  • knzo

    so this is just two niggas talking a lotta nothing for 5 minutes, right?