Joe Budden – No Love Lost (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake February 5, 2013

Now that Joey’s new album No Love Lost is available (iTunes, Amazon, etc), AOL is giving those that are on the edge a chance to hear it in it’s entirety before making a purchase. On top of “NBA” with Wiz Khalifa and French Montana and “She Don’t Put It Down Like You” with Lil Wayne and Tank, Budden also enlisted the likes of Juicy J, Kirko Bangz, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9″, Lloyd Banks and more. Take a listen here.

  • Martha McFly

    Lost respect for Slaughterhouse and them individually, they keep selling out their art for the chance at the blow up and big money and make excuses for it, that it’s ‘growth’ and all that.

    Nah b, straight sellout attempts that compromise the art. Not supporting any of these dudes anymore.

  • task force

    tell the whole world you got murdered by a pretty bitch

  • spewing

    slaughterhouse is extra corny. such a waste of talent. they’re never going to be commercial, but they can’t accept that

  • No Budden

    Joey an R&B artist and reality show clown now. Putting his addiction on blast for entertainment purposes, what some niggas will do for a dollar is a real shame, album was very wack btw.

  • really

    ^^joe budden has been putting his addiction on blast for entertaining since he started his career lol because he’s on tv doing now he’s selling out rite?…well he’s been rapping about it for a decade

  • Adi Pre

    First and foremost I’m a big Joey fan and have been for years…To be honest…I wasn’t feeling this album at all. My Fave track by far is ‘Top of the world’ with Kirko which definitely bangz, but other than that, not much stood out. I definitely was not feeling the RnBish joints at all and too many damn piano beats sound the same, I understand he weren’t going to bring that MM heat we all love but yeah…just my opinion.

  • marty mcfly

    I told you Joe Boredom would make a wackass album… Pump P P P Pump P P Pump P P Pile of shiiiitttt. LOL

  • jwiii

    had no bangers. bunch of wack pop piano driven beats. this is hip-hop. where’s the drums at?

  • ASS as we predicted

  • the realest

    had no bangers. bunch of wack pop piano driven beats. this is hip-hop. where’s the drums at?
    jwiii said this on February 5th, 2013 at 7:26 am

    ^ thats what im saying. how can niggaz put out hip hop albums without any bangers. thats mando. if you cant play atleast one song in a club or car.

  • Q

    Aaaannnnnddd chalk up another L for boring ass Baby Kangaroom Budden.

  • d-bo

    That skeletons track is fuckin dope.

  • trolls are sad

    Joe didn’t make this album for any of you. It’s obvious he’s trying to target females with this album. They’re the ones who buy music and I’d bet that very few of the people in the comment section do. The numbers back that up. So it’s irrelevant if you all like it because you wouldn’t have paid for it anyway. Your “respect” doesn’t amount to a whole lot. Artists aren’t trying to sell out they’re trying to sell period.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ We see how many females buy this album then and see if Joe’s plan worked if that was his approach musically.

  • 2Deep

    All y’all love to hate. But that’s because this is grown man shit, and you guys can’t relate.

    Say what you want, but Budden has always kept it real, and that’s hiphop.

    You expect him to rap about being broke? Lol. Kinda hard when you’re not living that life anymore.

  • Rodoggy

    Im enjoying this tbh. there’s some DOPE as shit on this album lyrically, like castles, all in my head, skeletons etc. but even a couple of mainstream joints on this album are nice. like she dont put it down and top of the world. there’s something for everyone on this album.

  • Lazz

    – Album has a dope Intro.
    – Album has two huge bangers with N.B.A. and Last Day.
    – Album has some great Mood Muzik shit with Castles and My Time.
    – Album has two great mainstream-suited tracks with Skeletons and Runaway.
    – Album has a super smooth, certified lady killer with Tell Him Something.
    – Album has an Outro that shits on others rappers’ entire album.
    – Album is dope. Very well balanced. No sell out shit at all.

    And now… everybody enjoy their day!

  • t.a.morales

    @Lazz….co-fucking-sign! Most people that comment negatively on Joe Budden posts don’t listen to his music with an open ear. They don’t like Joe Budden from the start. This isn’t a classic but it is a good body of music.