Juelz Santana Announces New Mixtape

blame it on Shake February 5, 2013

Not even a month removed from dropping his God Will’n mixtape, Juelz is already on to the next one. Taking to Twitter to announce the upcoming release of his next project, All We Got Is US.

  • yooo

    hhHhhahahahhaha niggga has to drop his shit quick coz banks is worming up and he knows that

  • Check

    This guy was half nice back in the day but the mixtape got too much negative feedback for me to download… and there were to many features. Maybe this one will be different. Ay!

  • Nigga tryin’ to act like God Will’n was a mulligan. Nah, b, we countin that on your score card. God Will’n was an airshot.

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    i didn’t like his last mixtape sounded like a new artist from the south trying to win people over with the same ol shit

  • jwiii

    That last mixtape was ass EDM-Hip-Hop bullshit.

  • Wu Tang

    fuck you juelz, fuck you man. That mixtape was WHACK , that mixtape was some MMG bullshit. All tracks sounded the same. REALLY juelz fuck you. I guess 50 cent and jadakiss are the only NY niggas who keep it real with the sound ( even if you dont like them )

  • Windycityblues

    That looks like a list of all the mix tapes he plans on coming out with

  • Grimzz

    Uh oh….someone on his Curren$y grind…back in 05 that is lol

  • i hope this mixtape makes more sense than his last mixtape