• Untuchd_Reno

    I'm amped for this! Please update when the link comes through. Thanks gentlemen.

  • Wilfred Capz

    This right here will instantly fuck up your current music rotation.


  • http://www.jimmytaco.com dj jimmy taco

    incredible.... thank you..

  • Rell

    Damn this is too dope. Can't wait for the dl.

  • Monst


  • naoshad

    Good morning - one of my fav of all time

    "mom pass the hot sauce from out your apron"

  • dan99

    first few tracks are pure diamonds. dl now; thanks!

  • DocCosmos

    so happy you guys added a download link, this mixtape is incredible.

  • Shane

    No download with tracks?

  • jdizzle

    get down -> the boss -> still dreamin such sick transitions