Ricky Hil – Nomads f. The Weeknd

blame it on Meka February 5, 2013

So he’s going by “Ricky Hil” now? Right… anyways, Tommy’s kid has, at long last, dropped his debut album SYLDD today via Noisey, and he grabs Abel for some assistance on this single.

  • wos

    skip to 1:21… You’re Welcome

  • Schuyler

    LOL, Good thing Abel takes over the song after that.

  • erqe

    niggas always gotta hate just to show love smh

  • Fred

    Niggas above sneek hating

  • barney

    Album is dope. Definitely some of his best work.

  • neako

    yup big difference between rich and ricky.. good job meka

  • Nice

    ^lol i know…these niggas on this site try n pick at every artist

  • wos

    No hating but can you honestly say the best part of the song is his verse? Maybe this is a good project I never said it wasn’t. First time I’ve heard the guy and the verse wasn’t worth listening to IMO.

  • stopit5

    It’s easy to get The Weeknd on your single when you have 50 Mill in your savings account lmao. Next you’re going to see Richy Hil ft: Kanye West & Jay-Z

    STOP IT FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YoloSwag

    @stopit5: Except Kanye and Jay-Z would not mesh at all with Rich’s style? The Weeknd reached out to Ricky as a fan, not the other way around. I dislike his music just as much as the next guy, but people need to stop acting like Rich wouldn’t be shit without his dad. The man is working his ass off. Do you know how much music he has released over the years? This mixtape as a whole is actually listenable, and even quite enjoyable. That is a massive improvement from his past music.

  • malcyvelli

    nigga was whack when i first bumped him 2 years ago and hes still whack when i bumped this 2 seconds ago, weeknd saved this shit like he was superman, idk, maybe its just not my cup of tea

  • richgil

    “people are still trying to make Rich Hil happen?”

  • asdf

    The Weeknd straight RENEGADED this guy LOL

  • MadeNMiami305

    I just scrolled through some of the songs on this album and I’m not impressed at all. Seems like a decent dude from what I’ve seen and homie obviously has some issues and hurt in his heart but I’d prefer a different delivery. This guy is not lyrically consistent. The only song I’ve heard so far was good was the one with Dom Kennedy.

  • StopIt5


    I mentioned Kanye and Jay-Z as a joke, fam. I actually do know how much music he’s put out…and its all been shit! ..all of it! Also, if the kid didn’t have the black card in his wallet… Being expenses by Hilfiger Corp. ..I doubt hed have all these mixtapes on deck! Recording+Videos+PAYINGFORPOSTS(like he did)…comes out to be a lot of money! ..lucky enough, he has it!

  • Michiel

    I am so annoyed that all the blogs are posting this song and not one of the other great songs from the album, only because the weeknd is on it. This is far from the best song of the album.

  • dtd

    this is album is so dope. seriously. anyone who says otherwise is just hating w/o listening.