So, Tahiry Pulled A Joe Budden…

blame it on Meka February 5, 2013

… and decided to make her ex-lover the subject in her newest song. It’s not like this song is “terrible” (believe me, I’ve have much worse submissions over the last 45 minutes alone), and it’s kind of obvious she still loves the guy (the line “I’m trying to stay away, but I don’t want to,” for example), but it’s not like I’m going to bang this in my iPod any time soon (or even after this post). Alas, head down bottom for some of her more… redeeming qualities, so to speak.



  • Adi Pre

    Damn that booty.

  • dev

    if Joey breaks up with his current girl, the greatest Mood Muzik will be on the way

  • 2dope4nope

    So an Olivia 2.0 huh and “but it’s not like I’m going to bang this in my iPod any time soon (or even after this post).” yeah yeah that’s what they all say ha!

  • KING

    I’d still show her the girth.

  • eqw

    at least a whore is trying to be creative. shrug

  • batman

    thumb up for the ass

  • JB

    this is actually pretty dope. i fuck with it.

  • J-easytheGreat

    -_______- WORD!!

  • GeeZuP

    SO this whore sings now? PASS

  • Nova

    lmoao!!! @dev


    hip-hop has officially turned into 70s disco music or is going thru that phase, anybody can can make a song these days and become a one hit wonder.
    -see. “Trinidad James”

  • this is obviously barely even demo worthy and just publicity for joey. The question is if he cut her a check to release this for more PR lol

  • MsRatedR

    Bish need some new d**k damn. lol gtfo his a** already nga aint sweatn u he just miss bustn that a**….hoz dont be winnin…smfh.

  • MsRatedR

    no neck havn a** lol….hate shawt chics with head n shoulders….Miss new boooty award goes to…drumb roll…Mrs. Ed lol