• BlackHassan

    Damn all his releases were free. 2hours after this 2dope post, all these releases are no more free.
    Ok 1$ it worth. But weird strategy

  • 9Uknoww


    i just downloaded it for free off his bandcamp page.

  • BlackHassan

    it's not wrong.
    You talking about SOMETHING ABOUT BOWIE. In fact, he added a livemixtapes link.

    ...and the other ones? ("UberEargasms:The Life & Times Of David Ruffin Jr.", "The Random"..., available by clicking on the right side of his bandcamp page). Free before the post... no more agter, WITHOUT any free link. Even the three last singles are not free.

  • That Nigga

    each artist only gets "x" amount of free downloads per project before you either have to A: Buy more download codes (as an artist) or B: Put a price on it.

    Chances are the sudden attention caused all the "free downloads" to be used up.

  • G

    bad business

  • Dneek Mayberry

    I've been had this mixtape all yall are late hahahahaha