Game Gets Dr. Dre's The Chronic Tattoo

Jayceon recently checked in with Kat Von D and Peter Koskela to get some new ink. On top of getting The Documentary (shown after the jump), Game also gets Dr. Dre's The Chronic tattoo'd on his stomach.

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  • K.I.N.G

    dick riding ass stripper

  • who cares

    I knew I was gonna see this posted on 2DopeBoyz when I saw Game tweet it. smh. This ain't news.

  • GodCypherDivine

    I don't get how these fucking guys have all that money and get fucked up looking tattoos like that.

  • Martha McFly

    The problem with Game is he doesn't realize how all this fuckery has him steady losing fans.

    He's lost millions of fans by now by acting like a clown, yet he keeps it up, while each album sells worse and worse.

    It's sad, because he's a talented rapper, he just can't step outside himself to see things objectively and see how his persona and actions effect his art.

  • Burp Reynolds

    Bruh...that shit lame

  • 2dope4nope

    RANDOM ACTS OF FUCKERY nigga should be nominee winner for 2013 so far. Manti this lame dick rider saved your issues with the press and so on ha!

  • gaymeStrikesAgain


    soooooo ghey

  • william

    what's so wrong with this? he likes the album.. what's the point of a tattoo if it doesn't have any meaning to you?

  • tHISE ARE TWO DOPE TATooS. sICK Original Ideas too. Boo-Who to all the H8Rz. Go DriNk H8RAiDe cLoWnS

  • 215aphilliate

    niggas say Game is doing stupid shit & losing fans, but what has he done that he hasnt always. Love Dr Dre & Eazy E & get shit about them tatted. See the NWA tattoo on his chest.

  • ray2cool

    If wasnt posin like that Id respect it lol

  • K Rich

    Wild Homo

  • malcyvelli

    how the fuck is this news? mustve been a slow day in the world of 2dopeboyz...

  • On the sack

  • JPM

    He needs a better artist..

  • K.

    did he change his name Gayme too? he should just suck dres dick already

  • WebStarr570

    Dude is a huge dick rider. Constantly giving shout outs on records and shit. DICK RIDER!!!


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