Joe Budden – She Don’t Put It Down (rmx) f. Fabolous, Lil Wayne & Tank (Video)

blame it on Illy February 6, 2013

With No Love Lost in stores today, Joey took to 106 & Park to premiere the video to the LP’s lead single. Pick up the album in stores or online now.

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  • AbC


  • DT


  • triPAUD

    not his best, and not what he usually does, but its not bad.

  • telltheTruth

    Okay, its not a lyrically dope song.. but its a good commercial song, for budden.. which he needs to get money, some people can’t do both, but sounds like he got one here.. hooks cool, plus fab and wayne on it? I can hear them playing it on the radio.. you can’t?

  • 2deep

    ^^ You guys date men or something?

    This a banger.

  • So they just put Wayne in a green screen room, put it together with the rest of the video and called it a day? smh Wow

  • BringMoreHoes

    ^^Word. I was thinking the same thing. They would’ve been better off just letting Wayne’s verse rock to the visuals. Shitty.

  • waca

    ha.. that wouldn’t be better. now you just bullishting..

  • marty mcfly

    This is a Drake-ish kinda of song with a Future type of sound and a 2 Chainz type of flow. You can pretend its not but you know it is and there’s already been about four years worth of these type of records by now. At some point people need to stop trying to sound like they recorded in the south with Drake, Future and 2Chainz ghostwriting. Hip Hop is not just the south and its not just about trying to blend in with the Drake and 2 Chainz sound. I’ve never been to New Jersey but dont that city got its own sound and if not dont the east coast got its own sound? Then stop riding the south and give them their style back.

  • mikez

    wayne was out of the country apparently and they couldn’t wait on him any longer. joe is also independent so he doesn’t have the biggest budget. all things considered its not bad.

  • Rock

    Brothers gonna do what they gotta do to get paper and try to stay relevant. I don’t think the song’s that bad but I can’t help but make the Drake comparison. Matter of fact, I’ll just go listen to Drake records.

  • eq

    this was a blatant eak ass im on one ripoff and everybody knows it. budden been a drake wannabe for a while now



  • (l,k)

    lets be real, wayne’s part was awkward as fuck lol

  • Nari

    aint even googled it yet and i knew straight away that T Minus produced this