Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake February 6, 2013

Days before he’s set to perform at the Grammys, Justin Timberlake took to Twitter to unveil the official cover art and tracklisting to his highly-anticipated album The 20/20 Experience (March 19). Check the artwork above and hit the jump for the 10-song (yes, only 10) tracklist after the jump.

01 Pusher Love Girl (check a live performance here)
02 Suit & Tie f. Jay-Z
03 Don’t Hold the Wall
04 Strawberry Bubblegum
05 Tunnel Vision
06 Spaceship Coupe
07 That Girl (check a live performance here)
08 Let The Groove Get In
09 Mirrors
10 Blue Ocean Floor

Considering Jay-Z was left off the image that shows the tracklist and T.I. being confirmed as a guest, I think it’s safe to say this list is sans-features. So while we wait for those to be revealed, let’s take a few guesses in the comment section below..

  • whateveriguess

    You would think since its 20/20 experience…it would be 20 songs…

  • Arthur

    Is this an album or an EP?

  • Dan V

    Spaceship Coupe ft. T.I… and B.o.B?

  • Schuyler

    See man, this is how you put out an album; Single, Artwork & Tracklist, Second single coinciding with release, and we’re done.

    Hip Hop needs to take a few pages out of JT’s book.

  • eer

    cosign schuyler, no push backs, no trailers for trailers of trailers, no fake beefs and publicity stunts, no blaming the label.

  • Oh word

    10 songs?! Each of those muhfuckas better be AT LEAST 7 minutes long!

  • anana

    Illmatic was only 10 songs. 9 actually, 1st one was an intro.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Schuylers right. This is how real artists do it. HipHops become the wwe…smh

  • DK

    I’ll take 10 quality songs over 15+ tracks with a mix of good, decent and throw away tracks hopefully the rest are better than Suit & Tie. Dope artwork too.

  • ere

    look at the facebook page on the right. look at scott lynch with his justin beiber hair loooooooool. wow people just FOLLOW

  • Phillip

    how many dumbasses are gonna say justin’s illuminati because the left eye is exposed, just watch, videos will come soon, i promise.

  • KNZO

    cosign to DK. quality over quantity any day. i’m hoping for at least one more good feature besides jay-z and T.I.

  • Mac Dre

    @Schuyler You forgot to pair videos with the releases of the singles, but generally I agree.

  • Mac Dre

    Isn’t Beyoncé a confirmed guest too? I liked her and JT on the “End of Time (Remix)” back with the first album.

  • 215aphilliate

    Strawberry Bubblegum ft. Nicki Minaj / Lil Wayne

  • Duh

    His last albums was short also 13 on justified 11 on future sex/love sounds and both were dope beat shit in its time JT run this pop shit

  • Cool Larry


  • 2

    highly anticipated? not by me

  • Bruh needs some carmex

  • LNY

    If you want a damn near classic album, you gotta keep it nice and to the point. 10 tracks isn’t bad. We don’t need 5 deluxe cuts that may be hit or miss.

  • TR

    He always throws some bonus tracks so I’d expect to see those on the real album. Its going to be dope, first single is dope, he’s one of the most talented artists out there. I’m looking forward to it.

  • spewing

    neptunes involved in this? always preferred their stuff with justin over timbaland’s

  • Lennox Lewis

    I don’t know why you put “only” 10 songs, like y’all were expecting an exhaustive 17-song LP with 4 skits and 3 bonus tracks. Great albums keep it under 12, and homie isn’t even hip-hop. Pop artists don’t do the 18 song marathon album.

  • peaceofpi

    08 Let The Groove Get In (Feat. ‘N Sync)

  • Holster Holly

    @whateveriguess well 20/20 is 1…so…no

  • who cares

    @whateveriguess – that’s a stupid way of looking at it.
    I’m glad this only has 10 songs. Too many album’s nowadays are pushing over the hour mark when they don’t need to. Not all albums can be super long. I’m still expecting this to reach around 40 minutes and I’m good with that. As far as the T.I. appearance, just because they recorded shit together doesn’t mean it will end up on the album. Hell, I don’t even want Jay-Z on the album because his verse was garbage. If you look back at the article with T.I. he said one of the songs they made was called “Goodbye Homie” and that ain’t on the tracklist. For all we know it might be a bonus cut. Just have to wait and see.