Talib Kweli Speaks On Mos Def vs. Diddy (Video)

Before Mos Def and Talib Kweli put out their Black Star album 15 years ago, Mos debuted his verse for "Children's Story" at an old NYC spot called the Wetlands at a Lyricist Lounge event. I remember being a fan in the crowd during that show and there were whispers that Diddy was in attendance.

The way Mos was spitting that night, it seemed that he was aiming his bars directly at Puff.

I never saw Diddy with my own two eyes that night, but there was word that he was in the club and he was PISSED. I asked Talib about it last week and he shed some light on that night. - Rob, MTV

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  • wqe

    Well....that was an utter waste of time

  • Rawkuts

    Fuck off wqe!

  • Canada

    Video only available in US...sucks, def not worth finding a proxy over. Can anyone summarize :D?


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