• Juanka

    seems like a title for a Lonely Island song

  • nugu

    "working behind closed doors" ||

  • https://twitter.com/frank_ocean Frank Ocean

    3 old men!

    Move aside boyz! this is the era of gay RnB

  • Noirfancy

    ^ yo... i'm not sure what's more Sus... the name of the song with the cover art or the nigga posing as frank ocean talkin about gay rnb

  • Frank Ocean

    @Noirfancy You know you like it

  • rrr

    this nigga ginuwine perm his hair 3 times a day. then he bathe in s curl.

  • IllaIiller

    If these dudes did this shit back in the 90s Early 2000s they whould have takin the R&B Music Over permanently lol

  • The Big Lynxbowski

    this is what you call real r&b music you can play in bed with your woman not all this dance music you hear now

  • Wu Tang

    all them gay chris brown frank ocean fans hating. Go fuck your boyfriend 2 this track faggot ass niggas.

  • Dff

    Some fine "music", hip-hop is not only about "pseudo" gangsta rappers, dont hate if you cant appreciate it...

  • gayshit

    "Yeah, the dopegirlz are gonna love this one."
    sure. too bad it was for the dudes.