Continuing on with their revisiting of 50's 2003 album, MTV News "went into their archives" and found this 2002 interview between Sway and 50, where Curtis talks about “If I Can't,” “In Da Club,” “21 Questions” and the original “Magic Stick” which featured Trina.

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  • nc

    how old was he in this? seems like a shy high school kid haha

  • Frank Ocean

    I am so glad these days are over! Now that things have changed everybody loves my faggot ass music *Wink *Wink

    "forrest gump you been running through my mind boy" :)

  • ewr

    ^why are you so obsessed with homosexuality?

  • Frank Ocean

    @ewr B/c I'm gay dumbass!

  • NorthFresno

    He saw it all it all before it came to fruition.