What Has 50 Cent Accomplished in the Last 10 Years?

blame it on Shake February 6, 2013

Exactly ten years ago today, 50 Cent hit the ground running with his major label debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Since then, the album has sold over 12 Million copies and we’ve seen Curtis Jackson ride the love/hate roller coaster of hip hop with each year that passes. As expected, ThisIs50 is GRODT-everything today and one of the more interesting posts they made featured an infographic that breaks down Fifty’s last 10 years by-the-numbers. Take a look after the jump..

  • Arthur

    Yeah, notice those album sales just climb down and down

  • justsaying

    to me, outside of get rich or die tryin’ his music is nothing special but thats just me. ive always respected his hustle outside of music tho.

  • Rock

    Like his music or not, and I think most of us agree GRODT is a classic and probably not much else, these numbers are staggering.

  • who cares

    @Arthur yea they keep goin’ down, but each of his solo’s hit 1 mil. That’s no small feat.

  • Haters Gone Hate

    @Arthur The only thing i noticed is that you’re an idiot! “The Massacre” came out 05 but did better then “B4M” that came out 04! “Curtis” came out 07 but did better then “GRODT ST” that came out 05! “BISD” came out 09 but did better the “TOS” which came out 08!

    So the sales are up down up down! Just because “GRODT” did better doesn’t mean the other albums didn’t do well smh

  • kl

    my favourite rapper because that was the first rap i heard, its my favourite album flawless in sound. He’s rich, whos richer except illumanati jay z and diddy.

  • L

    Signed artist: DJ Pauly D. Good work, Curtis. smh

  • j

    too many zeros on beg for mercy, dope run from 50 though considering sales have gone down all across the rap world.

    just terminate on sight that didn’t deliver but was prob rushed, and with buck near enough absent.

  • u have to take into consideration album sales across the globe have declined yearly

  • smitty

    That whole “Artist Signed” part is laughably bad.

    Also, it’s a damn shame 50 and Jay pretty much killed M.O.P.

  • JD

    @smitty, Jay and 50 didn’t kill MOP, MOP killed MOP….they notoriously no show for most appearances, can’t remotely stay consistent with their up and down recordings to save their lives and they have that fuckin ugly lesbian as their manager….they honestly are their own worst enemies…

  • Schuyler

    @Haters Gone Hate – I think they were talking about his Solo albums, not his group or soundtrack.

    And I don’t know, I enjoyed the Massacre as well. Though it wasn’t touching GRODT.

  • Wilfred Capz

    Basically, 50 struck while the iron is hot for about 5-6 years and made a boat load of money…and now he’s making money off that money.

    I guarantee people in the comment section care more about album sales & music at this point than 50. What else needs to be said, really.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Its funny 08 was the worst year for album sales but thats if you look back when the industry as a whole had numbers collapsing left n right… and the years things truly started to change with downloads etc

  • joe

    the #’s go down because illegal downloading keeps rising u ignorant fucks… Fif’s albums push MILLIONS while your favorite rapper doesnt do half that

  • jetlife

    GRODT – classic
    MASSACRE – could be a classic (candyshop) still a great album
    CURTIS- VERY solid under rated album .. w the exception of (peep show..fire..etc) garbage tracks…
    BISD- another solid album … grimmy feel to it .. very under rated…

  • jetlife

    his album sales went down but still outsells your favorite rapper so whats the fuzz about?

  • 44wade

    50 has already achieved everything a rapper can and has moved on to bigger and better things while these other rappers are out here struggling

  • Jay Daniels

    @Haters Gone Hate

    His solo albums went from high to low.

    His group albums are ALWAYS gonna do less than a solo album because it’s not as big a release, people don’t care as much about g-unit as apposed to 50 cent by himself.

    Those group albums also declined over the years. But this is no shocker, this is just the case of the industry for every artist. Curtis never failed. Much like the dude who said he has hit 1 million with every solo album pointed out. The hottest rappers out right now struggle to reach 1 million.

  • Jay Daniels

    Just gotta remember. The guy has arguably one of THE biggest hip-hop classics of all time to his name.

  • Wu Tang

    damn i cant hate on this nigga

  • Randall Campbell

    In the words of Curtis Jackson,”My grandfather said, Don’t be around no one you can’t learn nothing from”..Goodbye

  • Officer Rick Ross

    Look at that chart, it’s been modified to look better. Take a closer look.

  • The quality of 50’s albums have decreased over the years but we can all agree that GRoDT is most definitely a classic and deserves those numbers and more. I listened to that album the other day. Didn’t realize how fast I went through it until the first 2 tracks were playing again. I can’t do that with albums the last few years.

  • Berrie

    It’s not 50’s records sales that went down. It were record sales that went down. Every (rap) artist started selling less albums through the years.

  • MewLover34

    GRoDT has got to be the most overrated album in rap history. Half the songs get skipped anytime I try to listen to it. That’s certainly not my definition of a classic. His two old songs that are bonus tracks are better than almost everything on it.

  • k coleman

    50 cent a boss nigga