A$AP Rocky & French Montana Cover XXL

blame it on Shake February 7, 2013

A$AP Rocky and French Montana share cover duties for the Feb/Mar issue of XXL Magazine. Check the joint cover up top and hit the bottom for their solo ones.

  • lol

    10 bucks says they had sex with each other after this.

  • SforMusic

    10 bucks says you a undercover homo

  • lol

    10 bucks says you wish you was there with them.

  • SforMusic

    10 bucks says u have wet dreams of them individually

  • nc0310

    Listening to French Montana literally made my ears bleed once.


    10 bucks says this rapper name is FRENCH ASSTONA

  • realtalk™

    nice touch on the Max B shirt

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ‘Free Max B’, who is doing 75 years for coordinating armed robbery and murder, rapped about the life of being a goon, is on this niggas t-shirt thumbing through stacks of money.

    The fucking ignorance.

    Fuck Boosie too.

    And fuck French Montana’s fatass sausage fingers.

  • JetLifer

    Free Max B!

  • whateveriguess

    NY IS BACK?!
    How come Joey badass or Action Bronson on here? GET RID OF FRENCH.

  • Fuck both of them. They need to put THE BASED GOD on the cover. TASKFORCE

  • malcyvelli

    this shit aint ny, at least this is like the least traditional, poorest example of it, action definitely needs to be up here

  • gregory kruxx.

    A$AP, NY Werd…French, ahhh…man I think hes a goon and cant rhyme but I luv his hooks….BUT NYs back??!! How about Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky and call it a day…NY is far from back and Im a goddamn NYorker sayn this….QUEENS,,,where you at?

  • silky johnson

    Rocky sound like he from Houston and French sound like he from Miami or some shit.. is NY back from stealing other sounds?

    I co-sign Action Bronson & Joey BadAss..

  • AllDayGB

    Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Asap.. NY has a nice little scene, but will they ever dominate hip hop again? probably not

  • 2dope4nope

    I think the saying was suppose to be South’s Back all their mixes is southern out but thumbs up on the Max B!

  • frylock

    A$$AP & FRENCH ASSTANA. lord if this is what gonna bring new york back then this is sad. should put Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ on the cover. they are the only ones that actually sound like true new york rappers.

  • sad Max B was better then both these fools. At least asap can make some club bangers french isnt good for anything but a shitty feature youll forget about. Damn titty boi for makin people thinking a bunch of shitty features makes you good. Stack Bundles n Max B now thats a cover this is just some smh shit.

  • J

    Fuck Action Bronson and Joey WackA$$ ! they will never make a Hit and ever ever go platinum . These 2 artist are whats hot right now so STFU about them other nonames . #FREEMAXB

  • Da_Father

    I like when the media puts stuff like “_____ (N.Y./CA/ATL/etc.) Back” B.S…. No one goes anywhere. Just certain music from certain places gets played on the radio more at the time. Stupid.