• BHP

    Walker is too nasty.

  • http://www.argotea.com argo

    this is different than what i was expecting but solid nontheless

  • Drone Strike

    the artwork made me listen. just made a new fan

  • sedwick

    Believers Never Die babbbby

  • http://shy Pyrex Shy

    Gerald Walker >>>>

  • http://joshrichraps.com JoshRichRapsOfficial

    Kind of sound like big sean with a twist on it, I like his style though. Where is he from?

  • killdillvol_2

    ^Milwaukee, WI. 414 reppuh!

  • Rare

    This is ill

  • Reese

    I Cant Get Jiggy With This Shit

  • Reese

    I Mean I CAN get jiggy with this shit lol