Joe Budden Talks Molly Abuse w/ Lisa Evers (Video)

blame it on Meka February 7, 2013

Fox 5 News’ (that’s New York’s equivalent of channel 11, Los Angelenos) Lisa Evers (for those that don’t know who she is, search “Street Soldiers,” then do your own history research) sat down with Budden for a label-mandated promo run to talk, actually, about the dangers of the designer drug du jour.

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  • Black God

    Who cares?

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    Fuckin uneducated fools spitting the usual propaganda. They’re acting like Molly is some new dangerous drug. It’s not ecstasy laced with other drugs. Molly is MDMA which is supposed to be PURE ecstasy. The ecstasy pills that everyone knows from back in the day were usually cut with speed. As usual, the news doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

    This is almost like the story of how weed was made illegal. They spread all this fake news of how this “new drug” called marijuana was making blacks & mexicans turn into psychos who raped white women. This new drug was really just cannabis which people had been smoking for thousands of years. This bullshit never ends.

  • Black God

    still who cares?

  • SforMusic

    IMO, Molly was a better rap reference when Danny Brown and Trinidad James were using it. Everyone jumped on the wave which killed it . Budden is just a result of a sheep move gone wrong ! shrugs

  • BringMoreHoes

    Evers always had dope, informative segments on “Street Soldiers”, or has, I don’t know if it still comes on Hot97 anymore, haven’t tuned in in ages.

  • JR

    The intro for “To Live & Die In LA” is Donminique DiPrima, not Lisa Evers. Not sure how you confused the two.


    @Benny Blanco That nigga is spot on. I aint never heard of Molly laced with angel dust. Nigga what? Thats just X playa…

  • bubble baths mcgee

    Who the fuck is mixing it with bath salts?

  • AiseLife

    Fuck Molly. Just smoke weed and take a shroom or two. Even if it is pure it is what it is. Im not touching that shit.

  • 2dope4nope

    Ok this nigga poppin pills but smokes cigs *what’s going on here* do weed nigga *ITS FROM THE EARTH* same high I’m sure just munchies ha

  • RollinRollin

    Aiselife ” a shroom or two” lol like u’ve eaten shrooms son

    joe looks like a clown just stop, most the people nigga sling aint even molly gotta cop ur shit from some white boys haha