Joey Bada$$ – Underground Airplay f. Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA (Video)

blame it on Illy February 7, 2013

Directed by Coodie & Chike.

Joey Bada$$, K.R.I.T., and DZA link up for their collaborative visual from Ecko Unlimited’s Underground Airplay mixtape dropping soon.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Why does KRIT always come soo correct?

  • justenjoythisshit

    whooooooooooo krit’s part was ill AF!!

  • SirAnomaly

    I’m loving how artists like Bada$$ & Krizzle are linking up. They won’t be underground for long. And for artists like Big Sean, your time is up. THE JIG IS UP!

  • blorgon

    produced by Navie D.

  • NAVIE D ON THE BEAT SON. dude is a g with the production, peep the track he did for Scienze and Homeboy Sandman, yo we will be seeing his name around more often real tizalk

  • 2dope4nope

    I need that KRIT tape AsSoonAsPossible and joey alright but still though that deleting his twitter haha major L guess lil b won!

  • Schuyler

    Is there an mp3 for this?

  • JAyP

    KRIT >>>>>>

  • Kidd

    Krit killing everything he’s getting on lately

  • Isaac

    Holy shit, K.R.I.T went in.

  • dgong

    this video is bullshit. where did all those white kids come from??? this shit aint gritty its bullshit no swag bars no nothing. disappointed


    Track is hard…Vid would be much better if there wasn’t these lost looking white boys staring at the camera…

    Where the goonies at???

  • this is rap kids


    @SirAnomaly big sean aint goin any where anytime soon lol. dude’s fuckin huge!

  • Lyricist Lounge 3

    Dope vid, glad to hear that eckö is bringing back Underground Airplay (2001), one of my favorite compilations ever!

  • shaka


  • Robenum

    They all killed. Krit is a FOOL fa dat. Smoke is my dawg too. Joey is one of my favorites MCs too. Dope track. Whoever did that beat needs their neck slapped its so dope.

  • Joe

    Suuper ill, K.R.I.T. slaughtered this shit.

    “Sho nuff, locusts, the grasshoppers is plenty
    They peep my technique, but can never ever beat the sensei
    Shogun, try me nigga, I know some, word to son
    I crush their vertebraes, my verbal plate can weigh a ton
    Elephant been in the room, They can’t decipher for the life of many biters that challenge us how we still consume cyphers of so many writers are like us are surely doomed
    A king remembered in time, I thought you knew”

  • BLaCkBruceWaYnE

    MY SON!! Joey BAD doing it for BK!!!

    Big KRIT!!!! This is why I love this dude as an MC! He’s like Southern MCs of the past that would do shit with other East Coast MCs and hold his muthafuckin OWN!!!

  • Alex

    Big Krit smdh

  • LAW

    KRIZZLE ate.

  • reddragon

    lil b ether’d bada$$. Its plain and simple. dza and krit nailed it tho.

  • mez

    Are there Smoke DZA fans? He seems really sub-par to me

  • LarryOn

    another diamond for the culture.
    Big KRIT is unbelievable!

  • bossman

    @reddragon it’s not even worth his time, joey knows he can kill lil b any moment any day of the week, freestyle or written 16. they all killed it, especially krizzle