Pusha T Speaks On Next Clipse Album (Video)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2013

While on set of his “Doesn’t Matter” video shot (check the trailer here), Pusha T speaks with MTV about the next Clipse album, As God As My Witness.

When it comes to the Clipse, that’s a special brand to me. I’m not into toyin’ around with that, like just dropping records that ain’t related to an album. We owe our fans something super special, so when it’s time to do that, we just gonna zone in and focus in on that.

Who knows when this will actually see the light of day. But until then.. grab Pusha’s Wrath Of Caine mixtape and get ready for his solo album, My Name Is My Name.

  • Jordan

    *As God Is My Witness?

  • Jim Kelly

    *with god as my witness….i think

  • smitty

    Yeah, what they said. As god as my witness doesn’t make sense.

  • qwrqw

    2dbz been fucking up lately

  • As God is A Jehovah’s Witness

    Production from The Neptunes, Kanye and Hit-Boy should do the trick.

  • ^^^
    Sounds good to me. But I would be satisfied with just The Neptunes and Kanye. Definitely would be a masterpiece. Time will tell.

  • spewing

    Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury – two of the best hip hop albums ever released.

  • spewing

    Neptunes are one of the GOAT producers just off those two albums alone

  • yogurt

    Is Malice gonna get off that religion shit though? Not going to be very interesting if he’s rapping about spiritual shit

  • Doney

    Malice always rapped about religious and spiritual shit though

  • terrar

    c’mon son, malice did not rap like he does now, his old shit was waaay colder than pusha’s. His whole thing was being the darker one, which sometimes was spirirtual but sometimes was just gangster shit. Honestly I would hate if the new clipse album feature No Malice the shitty rapper. Like he can talk about jesus and not suck so much, why the fuck does he have to switch up his flow to such garbage…

  • JAyP

    now that Malice has put religion first overall niggas want to criticize and judge him!

    you can tell they weren’t really fans before because Religion was always in the Clipse lyrics! ALWAYS check for your damn self aint nothing new niggas!