• DK

    I'd say the part of the problem with lack of creative videos in Hip-Hop is that if you do anything different, symbolic or even slightly abstract your automatically labeled illuminati or demonic. But even then I wouldn't say there's complete lack or creative original videos there are still some dope ones coming out.

  • http://soundcloud.com/nucents RDLN64

    I don't know about that. Most "artistic" videos shot nowadays are pretentious and aren't artistically sincere. It's a fad or a trend to do something considered "art" in todays music business. Look at how many artists have emulated minimalistic paintings or faded out photos with red writing, after Kanye introduced My Dark, Twisted... and G.O.O.D. Fridays album covers. No one takes the time out to actually be original anymore -- just emulate or rip popular art from the 80's/90's. There are far too many Basquiat references to count and not enough individuals who are willing to try something new and different.

  • http://joshrichraps.com JoshRichRapsOfficial

    Great concept on the video. I might take a crack at something along those lines. My pockets/time not deep enough for a linguist.

  • Spikey!

    i remember seeing this BTS a while back. still dope to see such a crazy video being shot like this back then. Gotta give credit where its due tho, Spike Jonze has always been crazy with the directing

  • fuck a close minded nigga in the mouth

    jesus Mek, throw some periods in there. also the creativity has still been comin out, just not from the big labels anymore. like the other guy said, its the ones that are the most out-of-norm that get the illuminati labels n shit.

  • look at the world?!

    gotta look for those indie film makers. peep APlusFilmz or BBGUN. dope people out there