50 Cent – Financial Freedom (Video)

blame it on Illy February 8, 2013

On the 10 year anniversary of his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ debut album, 50 Cent releases visuals to a brand new track titled, “Financial Freedom.” Curtis’ fifth studio album, Street King Immortal, arrives in the Spring.

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  • yea yea

    first mother fuckers!

  • 50

    This was inspired by 10years anniversary of GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN
    I wrote the song so everytime i hear it it reminds me of it.
    I wrote it the day before yesterday shot yesterday
    it took me longer to find the beat than to actually write it.

    I didnt shoot the 3rd verse for you to focus on the lyrics. no GIRLS, no JEWELRY, RAW ENERGY , its just me
    check it out

  • 44wade

    Dope. I miss hip hop like this. I hope it becomes popular again.

  • as

    after playing return of the body snatches this just doesnt do it for me. he doesnt hungry anymore

  • GodCypherDivine

    he should use that financial freedom to buy some better beats

  • TJ


  • who cares

    I like it. Would’ve been nice to have him shoot the third verse. Either way, it’s dope.

  • adi Pre

    Wow…this shit sound like ’03 Fiddy!

  • who cares

    @GodCypherDivine – This beat is dope. Idk what you’re talkin’ about.

  • I’d rather hear this Fif than some of his other ecent stuff

  • The Big Lynxbowski


  • Adler

    Is it really this easy to round up sheep now a day? 03′ fifty? really is that what it sounds like?

    this is a commercial for headphones. nothing else. At least before, artists would to try and disguise product placement, but 50 has taken it to new tasteless levels.

    here’s 50’s ever so convincing way to justify this commercial for his headphones (from his youtube):

    “I didnt shoot the 3rd verse for you to focus on the lyrics. no GIRLS, no JEWELRY, RAW ENERGY , its just me
    check it out”

    50 has undoubtedly released great music in the past, and is a very very smart businessman. This is a perfect example of the latter.

    but to pass this off as a ‘music video’ or even a ‘track’ is laughable. come on fif’.

  • marty mcfly


  • TruthHurtsNigga

    ^ You must not have got the memo, it’s cool to like 50 now. If he had released this 6 years 6-7 years ago in his ‘prime’ when he was the most commercial/mainstream rapper out, it would have 400 nopes on it.

    I guess in 6 years when Wayne is irrelevant and washed up, selling only his skateboarding brand, it will be cool to like him too.

  • marty mcfly

    If 50 would’ve put out this song even just 3 years ago it would’ve sucked. Its dope now because different times call for different sounds. Not @TruthHurtsNigga but just saying.

  • 50 just cock slapped everyone in the face with that commmercial should have done it during second verse imo but then again it was kind of hypnotizing watching those headphones spin lulz to the worst verse. All in all the song was alright had the old laid back 50 story tellin flow like power of the dollar did just with his post gunshot voice instead. Musically its hit or miss with 50 now days so its hard to get excited over anything he puts out too many yes men n his thumb isnt truly on hip hops pulse like it once was take what you can get for once lately it was worth the click of a mouse lol

  • 2dope4nope


  • MyFiddyCents

    If Fif didn’t go at every rapper in the game in an attempt to get some sort of buzz. I bet people would give him more props these days. Now that he’s burnt so many bridges, no one wants to give him props anymore.

    Looks like his album is gonna be solid tho

  • norman

    ^ exactly what I was thinking

  • gregory kruxx.

    Least 50 still brings it to you from the gut. Whether he is removed from a time of his life now or not at the end of the day all these clowns now cooking up crap in rap. Id rather listen to this anyday over waynes garbage

  • Boo Boo really has no shame when it comes to trying to steal Beats customers. I hope it works out for him. But I don’t ever see folks rocking these in the streets. I’ve seen like every color way of Beats though. Click my name.


    LMFAO at the haters. Talking about how wrong was it for him to put the headphones at the end. What the fuck you booty poppingniggaz expect. He grinds 24/7. Nobody getting mad when them mmg fags stay shouting ciroc ?. Fct of the matter is it dont take away from this song being ”FIRE”…….the soul of a hater is now murdered


    This track is sick!

  • d

    this’ buckwild beat niggaz what u talkin about
    ignorant ass hoes…

  • jwiii

    he just needs a little class when it comes to marketing as it is it’s just kind of wack.

  • Yeah the ad was in yo face. He needs to go back to the rock dealer method…discreet.