Looks Like We Are Getting An Eminem Album in 2013

blame it on Shake February 8, 2013

Speaking with Billboard, Paul Rosenberg (Em’s long-time manager, Shady president) gives the latest update on Eminem’s eighth studio album.

We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He’s been working on it for some time. It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up.

On top of Em’s untitled album, Rosenberg also shares that 50’s Street King Immortal is scheduled for a first-half release; with Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse prepping their Sophomore efforts as well. If all goes as planned, Shady is gonna have a busy year.

  • AirMagicMamba

    It would be crazy if all of them went on tour

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    An Em project doesn’t get me hyped anymore. I’ll still check it though. It’d be dope if the old school, communal Shady Records vibe was revived with mostly in-house production and features though.

  • Ryan

    I wish Em could just leave interscope, say fuck the record sales and drop a raw independant hip hop album

  • FiveNine

    why does slaughterhouse suck nowadays? such a shame. idc what anyone says about em tho, he still flows better than 95% of the rest

  • Good Peoples!

    Finally! I haven’t been hyped about a Hip Hop album in a while!

    This album and “My Name Is My Name” should be the hardest albums in years!

  • Ayo-Ret

    If it’s in the same lane as Recovery… then I definitely won’t be checking it. It’s cool that he’s reaching new audiences and all, but I guess I just ain’t down with his new shit no more though. Ah well.

  • Ryan G

    A side from 2pac, Eminem has been my favorite rapper ever. Recovery was good but honestly I haven’t listened to it in over a year, it didn’t have that long lasting replay value that his first 3 albums still do. One good thing is that all of his albums have a didn’t feel & vibe to them so hopefully this wont sound like Recovery.

  • Captian Obvious

    *Slaughterhouse is on their 3rd album

  • 2ope4nope

    Hmm if we get the non yelling Em I’ll be checking MM still one dope tape and “Sophomore” by slaugHterhouse ain’t it third given it’s under shady but third though and word to Crooked on the cap lock haha shit still gets me!

  • DBS

    Em has changed his sound on EVERY album so I think it’s ridiculous to think it’ll sound like Recovery, I’m definitely looking forward to this. As far as SH and Yelawolf goes I don’t know what to expect, they are great artists but missed the mark with their last albums.

  • **SPOILER ALERT*** NO I.D. in Charge of Production on this Album, I think you guys wanna cop this one!!! Trust me.

  • Martha McFly





  • ‘sheed

    @hippaToDaHoppa @ryan cosign. in-house production and features from only Aftermath and the extended family for that early ’00s Shady Records vibe would be dope. that, or an independent Em album with full creative control to do hip hop–no pop. i think in-house production is important tho. his new production is trash.

  • Brainwave

    if em lets yelawolf & slaughterhouse do they’re thing without his & Interscopes mind control I’m in for a Shady Year if not pass.

    added note

    Yelawolf has been tearing it up since his shady release.

    The Slumdon Bridge EP

    Heart of Dixie

    Psycho White

    just saying.

  • Teton Gravity Research

    If you’re looking forward to a Slaughterhouse album there’s no way you get play from the ladies. Slaughterhouse if fucking horrible.

  • JD

    Until he gives us another album like The Eminem Show or previous i’ll never be obsessed with Eminems new material.

  • marty mcfly

    Em always had creative control people. Thats just an excuse for the bad music he released in recent years. No record label can tell the rapper with the most sells ever that what to do, especially when Ems whole career is based on having creative control. Thats the biggest part of his whole musical career which is saying whatever he wants. Only people into this are gonna be Ems hardcore fans and white people who think Em is the Goat no matter what he makes. If you hate Slaughterhouse then its almost certain that you’ll hate an Em project cause its gonna be similar in production but not even as good in bars. Em is not out rapping four different talented MCs. Ten years ago that might have been possible from Em but unless he is a totally different rapper now I dont see this guy coming with any heat. The single a probably be dope, followed by another single that will be some collaboration that’ll be ok. Then followed by an album that his stans will claim is classic one hour after its leaked but after a week goes by it wont even be spoke of anymore. If im wrong about that then cool but again, Em would either have to be a different artist completely or he would have to be Slim Shady again and the latter hasn’t been seen or heard in the last 12 years.

  • marty mcfly

    Em is basically the rap version of Lady Gaga at Interscope. Nobody can tell this man what to do musically so of course he has creative control.

  • ‘sheed

    @marty mcfly, then let’s put it this way instead of full creative control; em should make what he thinks sounds like good hip hop. that Recovery album was obviously an overcorrection for the response he got from Relapse. that shit had so much pop production. in this case, he had full creative control, but didnt use it to make something he thought sounded good to him. i’d bet, and most people would, that he doesn’t particularly like those pop-production records that are sappy but he thinks his fans want them. and i’d disagree about the bars as well. his technical rapping ability is sharp as ever, and so are his punchlines. his ability to create a compelling narrative, however, is missing. but his verse on “Our House” was pretty damn good. oh, and on a side note, where’s the full version of “We Up” from 50 feat. Kendrick Lamar?

  • huh

    i heard about a Premo/Eminem collabo
    but lets dream about a potential trash album turning out to be something

  • brooklyn

    @sheed, how you gone say eminem himself didn’t think the production on his own album was good? Lol who told you this information? And how do you know he didn’t really think that shit was dope, cuz you and millions other didn’t like it? You can’t speak for him…..for once I actually agree with marty, em definitely always had creative control…he’s the top selling rapper breathing…every album he drops is gonna push like 5 million no matter what he does lol so im pretty sure interscope let’s him do what he wants

  • LexiCon

    If he’s gonna keep rapping like on “My Life” and “C’mon Let Me Ride”, I’m not interested.

  • ‘sheed

    @brooklyn, Em’s always admitted that criticism affects him. After that initial universal panning of Relapse, I am GUESSING that he went back and made records that he thought would appeal to his fans, which turned out to be pop-sounding records that his fans also didn’t like. I’m not speaking for him. I don’t know whether he thinks his shit was dope or not, but I do think that he exercised his creative control to create records that he thinks his fans want instead of creating records that he thinks are dope. And if you’re going to call me out for speculating, then you’re also speculating that Interscope let’s him do whatever he wants. Though I agree with your speculation, don’t forget that it is still only speculation. After all, in your own words, “Lol who told you this information?”

  • MewLover34

    If you didn’t like Recovery, fine, but Relapse was absolutely perfect. 4 years later and it gets more play from me than his other classic albums. For w/e reason some people just can’t see how amazing the album is though, bar for bar those are probable his best rhymes.

  • ‘sheed

    @MewLover34, I agree. I think Relapse was panned initially because of the accents and people were expecting something closer to MMLP or The Eminem Show, something more personal and aggressive (which I think led to Em’s sappiness and angry flow on Recovery). I think a lot of people started to appreciate it more and liked it after Recovery dropped. People seem to appreciate it more for what it is than what they wanted it to be in 2009: it was about sharp rhymes and flows, and was something close to a conceptual album.

  • david

    Not been feeling his material or guest verses in a long time. Last project I could listen to without skipping tracks was The Re-Up but that got old quick for me and wasn’t a solo Em project. He should produce the album himself with a bit of help from a couple others but no Boi-1da, Khalil and Alex Da Kid shit. If the production’s right then it’ll dominate the direction the lyrics take. That’s why I feel Recovery sucked, it brought wack material outta him. If the production’s nice though it’ll bring out his best and send the project in the right direction. Relapse looked nice on paper but didn’t sound it when it was released. Seen a couple comments saying No ID and Premo have some input, hopefully that’s true

  • marty mcfly

    @sheed, Em made those pop records because his fans are fans of pop music. Most of Ems fans just like music in general and really dont give a shit about whether its real hip hop or pop music. Em is not in a Raekwon type of lane, he needs those pop records to function in his lane. 2nd Em is not young anymore so his ears for music and his thought process is different. So he should make the music he likes and let whatever happen just happen. Somebody is gonna be upset either way cause his albums will have pop music on it. Why? cause its the smart thing to do because thats the majority of his fan base. Em is a pop star and has been since he Slim Shady LP. The records on his albums that are real hip hop records are cool but its no way Em is gonna please everyone at his point. Especially if he’s gonna be true to himself then it’s definitely no way he can please everybody. Em is beyond just hardcore hip hop records at this point.

  • Danjamouf

    When it comes to Shady/Aftermath releases I’ll believe it when I see it. They gotta be the laziest company in existence. Wheres Detox? Wheres the real Statlanta album? I could sit here all day with the phantom releases this company has put up over the years.
    With regard to Em, he just isn’t the same MC anymore, I understand artists progress and all o that bullshit, but he’s gone backward since The Eminem Show. FACT

  • therealdeal

    you guys that think eminem (read: best selling hip-hop artist of all time) DOESNT have full control over what is on his album are morons. also, eminem would never put something on his album that he thinks sounds bad at the time.. someone take me back to 2008 when the people on this site didnt suck, thanks.

    PS @ MewLover34 I agree about Relapse.. was anyone listening those rhymes??? crazy sh!t

  • david

    @MewLover and TheRealDeal yeah the rhymes on Relapse were nice, just the concepts and stupid voices brought it down. I’ve always liked Em’s humour in his material (take most of Encore for example) but Relapse just sounded wack as if a kid was coming up with the jokes. I thought One Shot Two Shot was funny on Encore but Insane was terrible

  • malcyvelli

    i stopped checking for em a long time ago, i know hes an interchangeable name as GOAT emcee but he just doesnt hold my interest with his raps anymore, feature or his own releases at all, parts of recovery but i never heard relapse so ill have to check that but unless its some material in the same lane as MMLP or Eminem show i wouldnt be interested anymore, and its not even a question if em could outrap slaughterhouse, each one is talented but none of those dudes are fucking with em

  • StrongBlackman

    Only trailor trash and the majority (White people) will fuck with this shit once again the white man and the jews fucked up a culture i loved..real brothers and sisters aint fuckin with shady.

  • DC

    The number of thumbs up>>>> Your opinion

  • who cares

    Fact: The Em album will disappoint just like everything else he’s released these past couple of years. The sad thing is all the white people who don’t even listen to rap will say it’s the new “Best Hip Hop Album Ever” and label him as the GOAT.
    Fact: Slaughterhouse new album will disappoint like their last.
    Fact: Yelawolf’s new album will disappoint like everything he’s released since he signed to Shady.
    It’s sad, but I don’t get hyped for ANY of these cats anymore.

  • ‘sheed

    @marty mcfly I think we basically agree: Em is making pop records for his fans. My point is that if he focused on making records that he personally thinks is nice in terms of hip hop instead of pop songs that he thinks are good for his fans, which I also agree is the smart, financial thing to do, his music would different. So yes, @therealdeal, Em probably wouldn’t put on a record he thinks is bad but he almost for sure puts on pop records for his fans, which he thinks sound good. Heexercises his creative control to try to please everyone, which ends up disappointing everyone like a lot of people here are saying. I mean, do y’all really think an independent eminem album in which sales or trying to appease his fans didn’t weigh on his mind heavy wouldn’t be a lot different from Recovery? I think eminem still loves straight hip-hop, and if he had a project to express that, instead of a major release where he’s aiming to reach a wide audience, it’d be dope.

  • Amygdala

    FULLY CO-SIGN @who cares… summed up EXACTLY. Nothing else need be said.

    ‘Looks Like We Are Getting An Eminem Album in 2013’: let’s hope NOT if it’s anything like the shite he’s been puttin out since The Eminem Show [and that itself was decisively more Poppy/sugary instrumentally]… we DON’T need ANOTHER album with paroxysmic vocal rants about Kim, [new-found] sobriety, Hailie or ‘sharpening metallic tools i.e. axes and machetes etc.’ to go ‘hunt the competition with’ *Yawn* cus he exhausted all that shit again an’ again a LONG muhfuckin time ago… an’ if you remove all that shit from [his] material pool, Em ain’t had shit to say for a hot minute… oh an’ 50 can keep that Street King Immortal WITH that ‘My Life’ shit [behind closed {Interscope} doors, preferably, aswell… that whole camp’s just turnin-out WACK SHIT]… 50, Em etc. have invariably exhausted all of their longevity and no longer have relevant subject matter; if they continue to use their previous guises/same old yawnsome shit…
    [Co-sign] @Danjamouf there may actually be alot of truth in that regardin Interscope’s apathy… whole heapa chat an’ very little action alot of the time…

    I miss Slim Shady…

  • marty mcfly

    @sheed, your just assuming Em doesn’t like pop music and assuming he’s only concerned with what his fans like. All of Ems albums have a pop sound on them some where and yes I believe that even if Em was an independent artist his albums would still sound the same. Em has NO pressure to do shit anymore. First off his label loves him, 2nd off his fans think he’s the greatest ever so even if he just records himself farting they’ll say its the most amazing lyrics ever and 3rd his albums are gonna sell regardless. So the only pressure on Em creatively is the pressure he puts on himself and imo I think the problem is he cant figure out how to be an older Emenim on his albums. People wanna hear him talking about crazy shit and making jokes because thats why people love him the most but in his mind he’s gotta be thinking why the hell would a 40 year old man be making music that sounds like that? So then comes in trying to make an album with balance and THATS the problem right there. You might want Em to be independent again but thats never gonna happen and yes Em does have to sell records but its still not much pressure there because Em could sell an album with the sounds of the jungle on it as long as his name is on the cover. The reason I said Em is not in a Raekwon lane is because most of Ems fans aint necessarily hip hop fans even. There fans of other types of music that probably only listen to one hip hop artist and thats Em. Raekwon can put out OB4CL2 and his fans will love it even though theres nothing on it remotely close to a pop record but Em dont have that same option. and @malcyvelli, NO Em can not out rap Slaughterhouse on an album. Slaughterhouse will always have the advantage of having four people that can all rap and even though people on this site shit on the Welcome To Our House album, imo I think if the same album with the same music was marketed a little different it would’ve had a better outcome in stores. There is a similarity between Slaughter and Em though and its the fact that their not kids anymore their professional recording artists. Meaning they not gonna just drill a whole album with punchlines and metaphors, they actually gonna make real songs about real things and THATS also a balance that people gonna have to accept. FIN

  • MG150

    one thing about a shady album it never gets pushed ..

  • ‘sheed

    @marty mcfly, obviously Em will not be independent again. I am saying that if Em focused on a strictly hip-hop record, it would be dope. at Em’s core, he’s an MC. You’re saying he doesn’t have the option to express that unlike Raekwon which I agree which is kind of the point I’m making. We’re both assuming a lot of things about Em to guess why he creates the records he does. I’m assuming he doesn’t like pop because he spent SSLP and MMLP dissing on pop. You’re saying his first couple albums had pop sounds. This may be, though for the most part I disagree, I think it’s fair to say that SSLP and MMLP were not pop records. Just because it sells a lot, does not mean it’s a pop record. he sold a lot because a shit-ton of white people bought it for a mix of two reasons: they like the record and they like that he’s white. just because white people like something does not mean it’s a pop record. Recovery, however, could easily be labeled a pop album. Also, you speak of his ability to simply put his name on anything and it will sell, and his fans will will declare it the greatest thing. This is true, but there are also people who recognize the crap that Em puts out sometimes and calls him out on it. Em has made it publicly clear that criticism affects him, so I also disagree that he has “no pressure to do shit anymore.” I think Eminem recognizes that he has his pop fan base that thinks everything he does is great and then his hip-hop fan base that are so quick to call things wack. I doubt that Em doesn’t feel at least a little pressure to prove himself to that latter group. And you could say that Em is so successful and rich that he doesn’t care, but again, he takes criticism seriously and the nature of hip-hop means that you’re always compelled to prove yourself the best.

  • marty mcfly

    I consider pop music to be music that tries to capitalize on what’s (POP)ular, whether it be by sound or by subject and approach. So imo yes the Slim Shady Lp and MMLP is still pop music. Not just because it sold alot but because Em uses the alot of easily digestible music (like Hi My Name Is and The Real Slim Shady), to talk about the most popular people and the most popular topics and he goes overboard in order to get as many of the masses as possible. That right there is the same approach that people who make pop music take in order to make records. So yes that shit is pop music regardless of if Em hates it or not. Em might be a lyricist but he’s more pop artist then he is underground MC. Now whether or not his large fanbase has alot to do with that, can be debated but still Em has created more music that obviously is a reach for mass attention then he’s made records that strictly on some bar for bar type shit. Yeah Em can spit but that dont mean he’s not a pop artist. Now when The Step Brothers album come out, ill expect some anti pop music but when Em comes out i’ll know what to expect from him.

  • marty mcfly

    What makes The Slim Shady LP so good is ORIGINALITY. Em cant go back and create that again unless he becomes a brand new MC with something else thats original. Yes he can continue that kinda style again like his follow up album the MMLP but that first impression type of energy will most likely not ever be there again cause we all know Em and what he’s about by now. So after that a artist like Em has to try and just be dope period and thats also why people will always still kinda be let down regardless because there expecting that same kind of feeling they had the first time they heard Em spit (which is why I brought the youtube freestyle clip earlier), but that feeling is gone. Em has to move on and make other shit now and even if he comes back on some super MC shit it wont be like the first time you heard him rap like that so the wow factor is not on the same level anymore. Thats another reason why Em makes the music he did on his last album cause its too hard creatively for him to go backwards. Rae did it on OB4CL2 and Jay did it on American Gangster but not every artist can or even wants to creatively go where they’ve already been.

  • ‘sheed

    I think that last album reflects him trying to show everyone that he can make mature content instead of just doing him. And as for him being a pop artist, sure, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a MC at his core. Same with Jay-Z; dude is a pop artist too, I guess, if you want to judge pop-artistry by accessibility, but Jay-Z is an MC at his core as well. That wow-factor isn’t necessary for an Eminem hip-hop album. I think we’re unbiased enough to acknowledge great hip-hop sans shock factor, gimmicks and a wow-factor. I’m not suggesting he make SSLP or MMLP again. I already have those records. I’m suggesting he create his own interpretation of what “real” hip hop is. He did something like that with Infinite but I think his skills have progressed enough, and he has access to enough great production, to create something great. Em has always appreciated underground shit; if he had the ability to express that appreciation through his own music without the pressure of reaching a wider audience, that’d be some lyrical shit we could all like.

  • Walker

    So what? he hasn’t really been Eminem since he became sober, nothing is fun & upbeat, just some depressing shit. You could miss me with this shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @sheed, Ok I see what your saying about what you want from Em musically and If you wanna call Jayz a pop star thats fine but there is still a difference between a crossover record from Em and a crossover record from Jayz. If jay just walks into a room of pop stars he’ll automatically be anti pop just for who he is and what he represents. I’ll leave it there and let you figure out what I mean by that. I think an Em album would be harder to make just because of all the ingredients needed to make one. Like crazy rhyming skills, humor, a common denominator musically and lyrically so all Ems fans can enjoy it. I think with Jay, he just talks about his perspectives and his life and lets it go. I dont think he really needs as much of a formula as an Em album does to complete and market to the masses.

  • K Rich

    No Thanks.

  • yogurt

    @marty mcfly

    Em hasn’t had full creative control. Watch the making of Marshall Mathers LP documentary… he had the whole album except for a single, so Jimmy made him go back and make a single. He turned in the Real Slim Shady, which he says he didn’t like making cause it felt forced.

  • yogurt

    And Em’s first two albums aren’t pop music. MMLP especially is one of the hardest fucking albums ever made. Come on son. And sales don’t mean shit.

  • marty mcfly

    The Marshall Mathers LP had about 18 songs, so because the label said he should make a single (which probably went on to be multi platinum) you think Em had creative control issues? NO and even if you wanna bring up that album its been about 12 years since Em has been that dope. That particular album was the last time I really thought Em was dope imo. The rest of his shit was just ok but it was differently a more serious Em and basically a different kind of Em after he started hanging around 50 cent . His first two albums might be “hard” to alot of people but to me those albums sound mostly comical and a little emo.

  • marty mcfly

    alot emo… that is. Em is cool but Slim Shady was the better MC outta the two.

  • marty mcfly

    Plus you cant control a artist like Em especially when he’s writing songs like Kill You and thats just the opening track on the album and he’s selling the most albums. I’ll leave it like this, Em needs to just do what he does and let it go. He’s rich as fuck so it really dont matter and most people will like it anyway cause most people aint even listening for incredible lyricism. As for him trying to please us hip hop heads? Thats like a battle that hardly anyone can ever win because unless you rapping like Immortal Technique then some of those heads will find something to complain about. Em just do you… Period.

  • marty mcfly

    and by Immortal Technique, I just mean the type of MC thats just bars bars bars bars… for the whole album. People say they want those type of albums until one comes out then those same people say its sucks cause it might have one R&B hook on it.


    im sure the preteens will love it

  • shane

    Fact-Eminem is the only bride we’ve got between Mainstream rappers and Underground MC’s.You can’t compare him 2 Big Sean and the like,you can’t compare him 2 *whoevers holding d underground* dis days.So Ems def got it hardest.Let’s be real bout one thing tho-no other artiste has that “Eminem Moment* thing,when he just progresses to some kinda lyrical/vocal climax.artistes spit hard,dey flow,dey go soft they go hard,its like 1,2-1,2..with eminem its like 1,2..infinity and beyond.Say that he screams,but his still flowing bout a dozen words in seconds,keeping a flow,nd not loosing breath,call me a stan but-dats freaking awesome-cos I can bottle all my ish up-and let Em scream it all away Pop or no Pop-nobody,sounds or raps like Eminem,its not the speed it not the syllables,its just that Eminem thing.full stop :)