Kendrick Lamar Live In Amsterdam (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 9, 2013

Kendrick Lamar took center stage at the Melkweg’s in Amsterdam and gave the crowd a rare performance that consisted of choice selections of his highly celebrated catalog. Props to Negisa.

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  • Ogu

    If you havent seen Kendrick live you’re fucking up. Incredible show

  • Schuyler

    Never seen him in a fitted, lol.

  • J UK

    Absolutely amazing live performer, especially that his flow doesn’t differ from his recorded material. However, I was at his London show a couple weeks back and he was way more energetic on stage than seen here and the London crowd were definitely more energetic!

    • Eddie

      UK and Canada, plus a few states in the US (differs), usually have the best Hip Hop crowds, in all forms (almost any artist)

  • method961

    this is the exact show that he played in berlin.
    not a “rare” show