Stacey Dash Is Normal: The Dip (Video)

blame it on JES7 February 9, 2013

So apparently Stacey Dash is making a sort of come back to acting, starring in a new YouTube short-series titled Stacey Dash Is Normal. Peep the synopsis of the first episode below, then hit the jump and reminisce on her appearance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Shouts to TSS on the heads up.

It’s Stacey’s daughter’s 9th birthday, but Stacey wasn’t invited to the party put on by her kid’s stepmother. Alone at home with her pug mix and a raging libido, Stacey fumbles through a day that keeps getting worse. “The Dip” is an introduction to the awkward, conflicted world of “Stacey Dash is Normal.”

  • sew

    the highlight of her career was kanye’s all falls down.

  • Good Peoples!

    The Dip huh??? I would dip right in her pussy! Plus she’s a Republican makes here even hotter!

  • Smh

    @sew Oh really? what was the highlight of yo career

    Mothafuckas will hate on anything smh

  • DK

    Old enough to be my mother but I’d still smash lol.

  • eeew

    @smh that wasnt even an insult. thats my favorite video. calm your ass dowm

  • Juicy-G

    She can forever and always get the DICK!!!

  • HouseOfStark

    This has a Curb Your Enthusiasm vibe to it. She’s a talented enough actress to have work, poor representation, We all know assembly is key. I could see Showtime picking this up, she should just go on a guest starring campaign in big time sitcoms.

  • i’ll pick Tom Hardy over Stacey Dash any time of the day as well.

  • Stacy Dash half knaked, (Yaws!!), Stacy Dash in the Shower naked,(Yaws!!), Stacy Dash smoking a Apple Bong, (Yaws!!!), Niggas say Nope on 2DopeBoyz?,(Whut Tha Fuk wrong wit you? Whats wrong wit you niggaz? You dont like Stacy Dash? You Niggaz might as well Cart Wheel out the Closet!!!)Fuk how you Feel & yo justification!!

  • T-Luv

    She hit that Kevin Hart buckle…Im trying to smash, she needs to be the next Saturday Night Sexy

  • NesTa

    Republican…Damn, she’s an extremely tanned white person. Haha

  • tradez

    stacey dash got mad skinny…i’d still smash tho

  • 2dope4dope

    Damn Stacey dream cheat with me haha

  • XI

    I was literally thought about this chick several times yesterday, wondering what she was working on, roll down 2dope and there BAM.

    That’s crazy..

  • XI


  • daddy

    we some perverts lol

  • Nice1

    she’s a Bronx representative!