Who Wants to See ScHoolboy Q in Sacramento?

blame it on Miss_Peas February 9, 2013

Sacramento residents of the dopehouse: On Sunday, February 10th, TDE’s ScHoolboy Q is set to perform at Ace of Spades, and here’s your chance to win passes to catch him and more perform. How do you enter to win? Simple: enter your full, real name and legit email in the c-section down below where applicable (not in the comment itself, unless you want some random spam bot flooding your inbox for the next 50-11 years), and answer the question in the c-section. So, my fellow members of the dopehouse, we got ONE question for you:

Who’s EATIN’?

I’ll pick the two people with the best answers (a pair of tickets each). It’s not that hard, right? Sacramento residents/those who actually plan on being in Sacramento the time of the event enter only. Get tickets here. Good luck.

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  • Christian soria

    Im wearing a Ravens jersey to Q’s performance. Ravens be EaTNnnnnn!

  • Tree92


  • William Portnof

    Dudes bumpin that OXY MUSIC, wearin Patagonia with their TDE shirts and Cal headbands down in the Mission BE EATIIINNNN’!

  • Raymond Rodriguez

    king felix got 175 mill today for 7 years..that mutha fucka is eatin’!

  • 1

    Consequence’s Teeth

  • Steven El-Amin

    Seems anybody with a hard beat and tight hook is eatin nowadays.. Throw the fix my way pleeeeaaase

  • Julian Gerdes

    I’ eatin Chic Fil A right now doe

  • Eric Altamirano

    Figg st. Puffy cuHz

  • Greg Ledesma

    Those who stay HUNGRY!

  • Amanjit Grewal

    Black Hippy eatin like they at a buffet

  • Julian Ramos


  • Hamlett Smash

    Officer Ricky been had eatin

  • Troy Terry

    Miss Peas be Eatin and Flexin on you wack niggas

  • Adrian Mouton

    Joe Buddens EATIN. Everyone enjoy their day.

  • Brady Hayes

    Diddy and birdman eatin (off other people’s plate’s)
    & Action Bronson eatin…( literally )

  • Cameron Craig

    Kendrick is eatin, Puffy is eatin…but Ab-Soul ain’t eatin! Someone get that dude some nutrition!

  • Valencia

    definitely the Kings ain’t EATIN

  • Jason Chun

    Top Dawg!

  • Zane Poletti

    Homie got a pinky nail just for splitting blunts, he stole puffy’s old moniker and the motha fucker got the best ad lib with YAWK YAWK!!! school boy is eating!!! Also, I’m pretty sure he was going for the niners

  • Jamie Esparza


  • Wilson Lima

    I went to Sac to go see Kendrick right after #section80 had dropped and he brought out Schoolboy & HE MOS DEF WAS NOT EAT’N!!! I ain’t EAT’N right now either.. so I definitely need some tickets!!!

  • Kevin Gray

    Everyone in TDE is eatin’. One dude that isn’t eatin is Shyne. He thought he could bust shots at Kendrick and Q put him in his place.

  • Wayne Hightower

    Shyne & Silkk the Shocker.

    Wait… what was the question?

  • Zachary Prasad

    Danny brown’s EATIN’. How you think he got those fucked up teeth.

  • Jasneel Singh

    Kings Fans are EATIN! We’re out here trying to keep our team where it belongs and that’s in the Capital of California…Sac-Town!!

  • Arman Mahmoudi

    Kendrick is eating.

  • I’ll tell you what … The only muthafucka that’s Eatin around here is FaTboy Q’s stomach lining… I mean have you seen this nigga lately? .shit they say he used to play ball back in the day …”Wide Reciver” shiiiiiit yeahhhh right…the only thing that nigga was going deep for was another round of buttermilk ranch to top his baconator

    Owehhh! Owehhh!

  • Jesse Shergill

    It seems like young rappers from BK are eating plate fulls right now.

  • myles king

    Answer to the question: Molly eatin

  • Omar Anam



    everybody but ab-soul

  • ScHoolboy Q’s Eat Language

    Smh Soul ain’t eatin.. U not gon tell me he eatin.. with 15 mins.. Rock eat / nibble , Kendrick eatin, Q eatin .. Soulo need some nutrition .. He need to go get those EATS ..their eats out there.

  • No one on this planet is EATIN more than Felix Baumgartner

  • Alex Bond^

  • Aaron Lee

    Jay Z is defitnely eating. Hes already full. Lol

  • Ricardo Perez

    I hear Chris Christie eatin TOO much.
    According to SK energy drinks, millions of starving children are eatin now?
    *kanye shrug*

  • MacDoober

    im in NY, but i just gotta know action bronson is eatin..maybe even right now

  • Joey Bada$$

  • Ryan Soper

    I’m what’s eating Gilbert grape!! Haha please pick me!

  • 215hiphop

    The government after hearing ab-soul song Nibiru

  • Francisco Arredondo

    miss_peas eatin!

  • Tony Clark

    Rick Ross fat ass was eatin because MMG was the most consistent group last year hands down

  • Every single day, Each and every night I’m screaming BITE. That’s my word, I’m screaming BITE. Now what that mean? I say, Bitch I’m Tryna Eat that’s my word!

  • Amanjit Grewal

    14 years without an album and Dr. Dre still eatin!

  • Lucas Machado

    Rudy Eugene (Miami bathsalt zombie) is EATIN’!!

  • Aaron Martin

    Kim Kardashian’s fetus is EATIN!

  • Marcos Solis

    Chris Tucker is Eatin!

  • TheWhatNow

    Steklovata – “Novi god”, those guys def EATING. TDE ain’t got shit on ’em.

  • Jonathan

    The entire dopehouse be eatin’ with these ticket giveaways!

  • julzthe49ersfan

    hell yea! gonna be at that mothafucka tomorrow night! my boi J.Sirus is opening up for him too!!!!

  • After that loss in the Super Bowl 49ers are hungry. They’re going to be eating.

  • Ulisses Fonzworth

    RG3 is Eatin!

  • Drae Martin

    Chief Keef’s cellmate is eatin.

  • Thomas Contreras

    I am eating a cheeseburger

  • Rashad Hurst

    The Klumps.

  • The 1%

  • Raphael Hubilla

    I be EATTIN! But on the music level TDE is gettin it and of course G.O.O.D Music. Side note Sac got DOPE Hip Hop besides Chuuueee. Peas knows whats up!

  • Kevin Hoganson

    Yo, I live 5 minutes away and I am gonna ride my bike to the show, get crazy, and show up to work tomorrow Hung Over…I need those tickets for beer money! I’ve had 6 cds in my ride for the last year and Q’s is one of them. Hook me UP!

  • 2dopeboyz look like they got a whole 3 course meal.
    (ab-soul aint eatin).

  • ralcal

    Exxxtra Peeeeelz!

  • chea

    Whoever made that shitty flyer is EATIN.

    For all the wrong reasons.

  • k-eazy

    Delonte West sure did eat that glorious Gloria James.

  • Nathan Kettle

    Just picked up some Purina One. My dogs are eating.

  • Emma Picker

    “I’ve got so much shit upon my plate, dawg.” ScHoolboy be EATIN

  • Jason Spruit

    Not the Kings

  • Abi

    Ab-soul is eatin man