Drake – Started From The Bottom (Video)

blame it on Illy February 10, 2013

Directed by Director X & Drake

After winning a GRAMMY for “Best Rap Album” with Take Care just moments ago during the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards pre-telecast, Drake drops off the visual to the lead single from his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Gtfoh seriously

  • Exhibit C

    Drake’s not really my thing and Nas had the album of the year in my opinion but Drake’s a talented dude, congratulations to him.

  • ji_gantus

    good album, hardly a rap album tho. fuck the grammys anyway. nas (GOAT) by far had the album of the year. song is ok catchy hook, the beat deserves a real rapper to spit on. used to be a big drake fan but dude fell off too moist for me now

  • droolBoyU

    tdot stand up nukka

  • PraiseRZA

    can’t tell me this isn’t something new. don’t hate.

  • 1dopeboy

    Dope video! Who was that chick at the checkout tho? My god! She bad.

    • King Kai

      Her name is Angelica Charrupi.

  • kendrick Lamar had it……..

  • DoubleClutch95

    That girl at the cash register tho!!!

  • Take care? what a disgrace

    kanye shoulda slap this hoe and give it to Nas

  • Draypa

    Drake bout as cornball as hush puppies but I mess with his production heavy. Congrats to big homie, no slight.

  • marty mcfly


  • RealNiggaSpeaking

    Drake’s so corny, ahaha! This was funny. Real niggas don’t like Drake but we fuck with a few tracks. This nigga’s so goofy ahhahaaaa!

  • ChckIt

    Im not gonna sit up and say “ah drake …another one of your wack video treatments yada yada yada” nope…ive been trying to find a REASON to HATE on this nigga first and foremost…and honestly i cant find one (shrugs). Video was solid, couldnt really laugh at the part were skinny bronson tried to holla at shorty (she bad af bro lol). but aye those my 2 cents. Vdeo was def not what i expected with those kids playing futbol in the beginning and the supermarket shots…but i guess thats what he had in his “vision”

  • ChckIt

    OH! and wheres bigghostnahmean at when you need a good laugh? SOMEBODY NEEDS TO CONVINCE HIM TO JUMP ON THE C-SECTION!

  • King Mez

    This is dope. Definitely has something new about it.

  • Mike

    This visual is nice

  • cap

    aubrey graham has himself convinced that he started from the bottom

  • jwiii

    his bottom isn’t your bottom and your bottom isn’t some ethiopan kid’s bottom. get over yourselves. song is hot. everyone defines their struggle and as an artist he made a song that people can relate to.

  • who cares

    “Best Rap Album”? Fuckin’ seriously?!?!
    @Exhibit C – Nas album was ok. Definitely not a standout from last year.

  • 1

    i wanted officer ricky to win it just so jake one got the grammy for production


    ^^^^WELL SAID



  • Thirsty

    Ironic that one of the actual ‘realest’ niggas is on top of the game right now….and not one drug or gun verse in sight.

    Fuck your favorite rapper’s fabricated life.

    “Niggas who be rapping how real they are,
    usually turn out to be the fakest ones”

  • marty mcfly

    I think Nas is one of the greatest to ever touch a mic and his last album was an incredible body of work and I hope he wins an award for it. BUT!!!!! If we keeping it all the way 100%, Take Care was put together better just from a musicality standpoint. Now lyrically Nas is Nas of course but Drake is rapping and singing and I believe that should be considered as being a talent as well even though singing isnt really accepted in hip hop.

  • Chema

    ….but it was Best RAP Album, tho….

  • Good Peoples!

    Pusha New video >>>>>

  • ss

    “his bottom isn’t your bottom and your bottom isn’t some ethiopan kid’s bottom. get over yourselves. song is hot. everyone defines their struggle and as an artist he made a song that people can relate to.”


  • Antyon

    What’s up with this hookah shit lol

  • DRAKE WINS. Simply just because of the women.

  • YourBestFriend

    “Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love, I dont wanna do, none of thee above…Im gonna piss on you”

  • Demetri

    OVO fuck all you old ppl who swear he is just a pussy, getting more money then you

  • 2dope4nope

    You can’t hate it was actually dope female wise

  • JS

    How is he not real? What’s the definition of real? He’s never made those references because he doesn’t live the lifestyle? Is that not real? The f?

  • SFG

    Why is anybody comparing Drake to Nas? No competition whatsoever. Fuck this kid, Killuminati on my Pac shit!

  • DGR

    HAHAHA this had so many nuances only people from TORONTO would get!!! Love it!!!

  • Schuyler

    Take Care was very soft. Life is Good was a great testament to Hip Hop as a whole. Very disappointed Nas didn’t take this home.

    The song is okay, very catchy. Drake’s lyricism is on a steady decline from his Comeback Season days, but this cut right here is terrible content wise. Cool banger, would have been straight on a Trapaholics tape, but for something as epic as Drake’s lead single to his new album? Very disappointing.

    Video is cool, though.

  • hejsa

    Musically, Undun was the greatest shit.

  • marty mcfly

    Its funny how even when people give Drake props for something they still have to throw in a diss somewhere in there just so they seem like they dont like his music LOL. As far as Life Is Good and Undun from the Roots in comparison with Take Care? Maybe you should listen to Take Care again cause whether you think its soft of not musically dope or whatever, pound for pound those two albums aint as musically intricate or cohesive or as emotional dense as Take Care and even the song writing on Take Care was pretty dope. Drake’s album wasn’t my personal favorite of last year but that album was crazy top to bottom from a musical perspective.

  • ddave

    That soccer field. I respect the man and am happy for the man. But maybe my bottom was different from his bottom? But I respect that when he came up his homeboys came up with him.

  • disdatfiya

    “Opinionated, biased comment proclaiming Drake is trash/amazing/fell off/wack/real/ect ”

    The c-section is usually just filled with the most boring comments…. Who cares if you think it was dope or not. Don’t say something for the sake of saying something…

    On that note…WE OUT CHEYA OVO

  • Master Lee

    This video was dope. You niggas love to hate. Drake is poppin bottles with the OVO family. He’s got mad bitches around him. Let the man the live. I cant wait to hear the new album.

  • GPA

    Word up to Shoppers Drug Mart. Bad song, great video.

  • DGR


  • nas

    go back to toronto! fake artist!

  • Zack

    Drake says he started from the bottom,really? He lived in Forest Hill growing up, a very wealthy community AND he played on the show degrassi. Not hating on him but don’t act like you know the bottom. J.Cole came out of nowhere and now he’s on top, imo and other’s opinions.

  • Hater X

    Is this muthafucka even Black?? Shiit, I get offended every time I hear this high yellow looking Jewish kid say “nigga”…

  • malcyvelli

    ah, the video just didnt hit like some dope shit for me, wasnt bad but i just didnt really feel it but i dug the part where he was in all white in the snow and jumped out of the bentley, that was dope and the chick was bad af too, BUT nigga, aubrey def be trying to play up his street cred, did everybody forget that stay scheming video and the “beef”? and lets keep it real, yea, his bottom isnt everyone elses bottom but he wasnt going through like HARD times, the nigga was stressing not getting tuna fish sandwiches from his mom on her way home for the store, i fucks with drake but a spade is a spade people

  • lol

    ^^^ J cole has no album in sight.
    Nor did his first album go gold.
    But you got it chief.

  • tdot

    Forest Hill, spoiled rich kid talking about “started from the bottom”.. yeah the bottom of his trust fund that Mommy gave him.. GTFOH.

  • malcyvelli

    @lol obviously youre going off old or just straight incorrect info because his next album is “born sinner” and sideline story went gold months ago,so in summation what im saying is, “Wtf are you even talking about?”

  • JoMoses

    LMAO @ J. Cole being “on top” right now. Nigga had a single crash and burn in december and hasn’t put out shit to gain a build up for his sophomore album since. I’m not a big drake fan but that comment was just over the top comedy.

  • keisha michelle

    first of all i am in love with this song and the video..secondly EVERYONE’S bottom is different. degrassi was a famous show and all but he made less than a teacher’s salary! that house in that wealthy neighborhood? shared it with another family. and his mother was sick. he also stayed in memphis with his dad who lived in a drug area and watched him get arrested. c’mon now. may not be much to you but it’s alot to HIM

  • K.I.N.G

    LOL Nas will never win a grammy, y’all mad af!! hahaha!!

  • bOObie mitchell

    where’s nickelus f?

  • TR

    I liked the video..and somehow this song is growing on me. Fuck, I hate this guy…haha

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Drake’s new song. I wipe my ass with my hand.

    His fans stop buying toilet paper.

  • Jay Daniels

    Ya’ll don’t know how the grammys work, there’s a cut off date and Kendrick didn’t make that, he’ll get next years album of the year. And J.Cole was the previous years nomination.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    marty mcfly: One man’s music is another man’s earache.

    I personally can’t take the guys voice in my ear. Just like Wiz and Kanye. That gay lisp just isn’t something I want in my ear.

    For the rest of you. To each his own. If your into men with lisps banging through your earphones.

    It says more about you than me.

  • adi Pre

    You can’t hate on this, shit is NICE.

  • TE

    Being a child actor is really starting from the bottom is it…

  • F.A.R

    At first I thought this song was just ok but after looking at the video it made me like the song more. DOPE AF!

  • Acid

    Arguing about the video/song, comparing him to Nas, illuminati, blah, blah, blah… SMDH!! I just want to know who’s the chick in the video? Who cares about anything else!

  • Jonesy Stark

    Song’s still “meh” but I mosdef flush with the visuals. Very dope video.

  • Sonny

    Is he trying to look like bodega bamz when he tie that dominican flag ?

  • Sonny

    Is he trying to look like bodega bamz when he ties the dominican flag around his head ?

  • marty mcfly

    @Clayton Fagsby, thats because your gay fool. When you hear artists who are not even gay and it threatens your manhood it maybe because your a faggot yourself. The rest of us dont turn into gays by listen to good music. Thats just you. I’ll tell you what, just go get the new Frank Ocean shit and you’ll feel more comfortable listen to one of your own kind. LOL

  • 1hunnit

    “OOOH MY BOSH!” Lol!


    That shoppers is in my city *binbrook, ON, Canada*

  • David

    you niggas are lame. Hes obviously talking about the RAP GAME and the way it has affected his life not that i have to tell you cause yall know you just pretend to be stupid but noo then you poor ass bitches start crying about some other shit

  • Fu

    When you got this many haters you know you doing something right… Drizzy doing his thang and reppin home. Mad respect for that!

  • Real

    I’m not a Drake fan, but if Drake were to sell out, this would be it.

  • bjr

    I think his 3rd Album is gonna sound like the comeback season drake. but this song is dope. You know there’s always that one song that has to be a hit on the album. this bumps.

  • jdn215


  • I think this jams, he might have another grammy next year

  • xxx

    when was he ever at the bottom though?? he started w degrasi .. is that the bottom?? smh

  • DBS

    @Real – Exactly.

  • dose any body know what is that girl name when they are in groceries store


    PHEW!! That bitch at the checkout was about a 9 on the motorboat scale!!

  • King Gamma

    Her name is Angelica Charrupi.

  • tag

    When I hear this song, first lyrics that popped into my mind

    “Had eight partners growin up, eight turned to seven
    Seven turned to six niggas, got two in heaven
    Six of us, holdin it, now it’s five rollin thick
    The sixth one’s parole flipped; five niggas, went to four quick
    When he went O.T., college life, converted into gangbangin
    Four niggas still hangin, years passin and slang changin
    Three of us now, fourth nigga ain’t around
    We all thought he was real — he did the snake shit
    Fake shit — beat his ass down, yo his mouth
    Could’ve got us all wasted, what a fuckin clown
    All I got left in the end is two of my best friends
    And we all goin out, to the death for these ends.”

    To me, thats starting from the bottom, IMHO…

  • XI

    ^YOUR SHIT..


  • XI


  • dero

    its killer but whose the chick in the bk