Pusha T – Millions f. Rick Ross (Video)

blame it on Illy February 10, 2013

Pusha Ton premieres his latest video from his Wrath of Caine mixtape.

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  • realest talk

    Rappers are no different than actors. They mostly play a character, that MAY be based on a former version of what they used to do in the streets. You don’t expect Al Pacino to be “hard” in real life because he played Scarface. I know many people consider it fake to talk on record about shit you never did, but most fans don’t care and the industry encourages it. Rick Ross, Game, Lil Wayne etc have so many holes in their “street cred”, but it didn’t stop them from becoming stars. I’m only mentioning this cuz someone’s gonna say how Pusha T never sold all the coke he talks about. At the end of the day, fans only care if the music sounds good or not. Pusha got skills on the mic, regardless of what he did in the streets… you don’t have to be a thug to make it, just be a real good actor or storyteller.

  • Jay

    So, how did Pusha T’s shirt randomly get wet during the hook after Ross’ verse and throughout the 3rd verse? That’s hilarious to me.

    I like the song and all and this is a pretty well put together video for a mixtape, as far as quality is concerned. I just wish that there was some sort of resolution to the video. It just, you know, ended… Did I miss the point? This is nitpicky than a motherfucker, ain’t it?

  • gt

    the video as a story was ass
    the song scrait
    and re up gang died man just rep good music

  • LynxRN

    Al Pacino doesn’t do interviews as Scarface. there is a difference. these fake coke rappers dont admit its entertainment.

  • malcyvelli

    @gt thats why he had liva do a solo track on his tape with “re-up gang” in the title right?

  • @KhuMass

    you can tell @realest talk is a white kid from the burbs. the people who really live this shit dont support these fakes only you guys do because you can relate to them as we cant.

  • eqew

    @KhuMass he speaks for most sensible level headed who people know that wrestling is fake

  • Good Peoples

    ^^^^^^ Funny how all yall hating but th DOPES are greater the the NOPES

    Pusha >>>>>>> Yo favorite rapper

  • j1

    yall niggas are corny. why do yall think you know everything? where’s the proof that these niggas are fake and never sold coke? how do yall niggas know? Push is from 757 and that shit is actually the hood bruh its not like its the burbs out there and thats a fact. Ross was a CO, a nigga who works at a jail, not a damn police officer that shit is dead.

  • Haters Gonna Hate!

    HOW MUCH yall wanna bet that comments thats hating on Push is all the same person smh LOL!


  • ewwe

    ive always wondered how do some tracks on this site get a thousand votes but only 50 comments? im calling shenanigans. on hip hop dx an equal ratio of comments and votes. do this site fabricate their statistics?

  • Jordan

    Rick Ross face at 2:43

    Someone make that a .GIF

  • Exhibit C

    Pusha only really does one thing but he does it so well that he’s still one of my favorite rappers. He’s like the Ray Allen of rap.

  • bigErn

    I’ll never understand why the one time Pusha steered away from coke rap (or whatever he calls it) with Exodus he gets major buzz. More important than buzz, he shows he can absolutely MURDER a different variety of rap. Then he says, oh rapping about the drug game is my thing; back to not being as interesting. Pusha is truly at his best when he keeps it raw and real in any subject, but he has a coke fetish. Shame.

  • bigErn

    Who is gonna say Pusha isn’t a great assassin in the diss rapping game? This guy can branch out and had success doing it, but then he just wants to talk about coke. Do you know how annoying that is?

  • SforMusic

    I dont know why you are all complaining about Pusha T’s subject matter. he is a “do as it says in the tin” rapper and he does it well consistently. IMO i don’t give a shit about what he is rapping about as long as he is doing it well and so far he is doing a good job about it. I think you lot want your rappers to mould into some idea you have got in your head, it doesn’t work that way…let the man cook !

  • realest talk

    @LynxRN, WWE wrestlers used to do interviews “in character”, over time they realized that wrestling fans knew it was “fake” but didn’t care, and they started doing interviews as themselves. Maybe rappers will do the same one day..

    @Khu Mass, I’m a Black man.. though I don’t see why color should matter. If u lived a hustler’s life, then I understand why you’d be mad at someone claiming your life that never “put work in”. But this is the entertainment business, and it won’t change. These rappers are story tellers, they talk about the shit they saw because the ones that actually did the gangsta shit are dead or in jail. Who’s smarter in the end? The “fake” rapper, or the “real” gangsta doing football numbers in prison.. you decide.

  • Cool LArry

    Yall just mad b/c “WRATH OF CAINE” keeping these rappers on their toes!


  • marty mcfly

    Its like some of you just started listening to Pusha’s music or something. Listen to any song ever created by Pusha or the Clipse, What is the song about? So now you expect him to be different? And who said these MCs are actors? Your comparing them to actors and wrestlers, but the difference is rappers have to function in their reality everyday 24/7. Not only do they have to record but then they have to do radio, tours, videos and other business duties to function as artists so its a non stop hustle. So at some point its not just acting anymore, their in the real world most of the time. There are no cameras on once their videos are over and an MC can have their brand damaged severally for being fake and people seek out to expose them and ruin them everyday of the week. Actors and wrestlers do not have this problem cause they paid to act. Rappers are not paid to act, they have to deliver songs and the job of being a recording artists is not acting. So how you know how real somebody is unless you grew up with them and know them personally? You mean to tell me that for the last 15 years Pusha been a actor? Or you wanna bring up the Ross shit? Ok, go check this mans position in life cause at some point he had to grind and hustle in some sense of to get there. The nigga Ross made more money in a few years then rap veterans who been around for 20 years, so you mean to tell me he has no knowledge of hustling? Now lets say Pusha and Ross are really nerds that just act on set and then go be corny somewhere. Ok then they some damn good actors then for pulling it off everyday for years. My point is this, some things can be faked but when you see a motha fucka like Pusha doing the same shit for more then ten years on a consistent basis and his story never has any contradiction in it, maybe he aint acting. When you see a nigga like Ross, someone with multi millions and owns his own brand but the sales dont add up to how much money he’s holding then maybe he is familiar with hustling cause his hustle doesn’t appear to be fake at least in his pockets.

  • marty mcfly

    And NO im not saying everything you see and hear from these rappers is real but what im saying is if somebody plans to have a whole career and build an entire multi million dollar brand as a recording artist. If their plan is to be a fake actor all the way to the top then they better be one of the greatest actors of all time because being a artist doesn’t happen on a movie set. You actually gotta get out in the streets and function in the real world to be a rapper.


    Anybody who reads @marty mcfly comments has no life and is just as lame as he is LOL! smh

  • nodoz

    watching 3 old clipse’s video i saw PushaT use to be real layed back… now he’s always bucking his eyes like he’s demon possessed or something. Malice was always realer than his brother, you can really tell Pusha is alone in this industry and needs the guidance of his older brother again. His flow use to be way better than this… yea it may jam… but its not original. If you can be real to yourself you cant be real to God. but i still got love for em.

  • cap

    anyone who likes this shit needs to get educated. i can branch off but that should be enough said

  • realest talk

    @Mcfly, “There are no cameras on once their videos are over and an MC can have their brand damaged severally for being fake and people seek out to expose them and ruin them everyday of the week.”

    But the thing is all these guys like Ross, Game, & Wayne have already been exposed and it didn’t matter. I can’t say 100 per cent who is real and who is acting, and who is exaggerating..neither can you.

    But my point is… it DOESN’T MATTER. Fans have proven that they really don’t care about who was a real gangsta or d-boy, as long as they make dope music.

  • justsaying

    its supposed to say “el dinero” not “la dinero” someones getting fired for that.

  • marty mcfly

    @realest talk, yeah they were exposed but their reality is still reality. Game has been called a stripper and a fake gangsta right but yet he has a older brother that was killed, his other brother beefed with him and his own gang, he himself has been shot and he’s had other beefs in LA and what happened? 40 glock got his ass kicked and before that some guy was saying he knocked out Game in a mall parking lot but thats the last we’ve heard about that… So after all those circumstances if Game is looked at as a gangsta I can see why. I mean no diss to you but is your story realer then that? Now Ross was exposed for being a C.O and if that matters to people then thats cool cause I to was clowning Ross when that happened but guess what? Ross’s reality is still the same so isnt reality also real? Ross came in the game talking about hustling, now fast forward to present time and he’s still doing the same shit. So even when he was called out, his reality still didnt change and even though people say this and that about Ross, they still cant prove that Ross was never a hustla at one point in his life. His reality only supports the notion that maybe Ross does know what he;s talking about. Wayne has been called a fake blood right? Ok but ten years later he’s still claiming blood so did his reality change? NO. Now I’ll make this last point, it would be different if the actual real gangstas out here were calling out the rappers but there not. Its people who are not gangstas and not dealers who are trying to call the rappers out for things they dont do themselves. If the real Rick Ross can’t check the rapper Ross then what makes you think you can? Just saying

  • realest talk

    OMFG.. Mcfly.. the real Rick Ross has checked Officer Ricky, badly. I don’t have time to go in on how deeply these dudes you named have been exposed. Look if you want to believe that Rick Ross knows “the real Noriega”, go ahead. If you believe that Nas was a coke kingpin named Esco back in 96, that’s your choice.

    There’s more evidence out there to support the notion that a lot of rappers make up/greatly exaggerate the tales they say. If you want to know, you can research for yourself.

    And I don’t get your logic, so if Ross was a liar from day one, but then 6 years later he’s still lying about being a coke Don, that makes it okay? Because he is a consistent liar?? Anyways, I wasn’t even arguing who’s real or not.. believe what you want, it really doesn’t matter to me.. out.

  • DOPE Visuals, I Hope Pusha Drops A Video For The Wale Featured Track As Well

  • blair

    same stupid as comments on every pusha t post. “he ain’t real blah blah blah.” get real ya’ll. most of u ain’t ‘real’ either. whatever the fuck that means. take the music for what it is and if you don’t like, don’t listen. push don’t care either way.

  • marty mcfly

    @realest talk, the real Rick Ross aint check the rapper Ross in the sense of making him change his name because clearly that didn’t happen. The real Ross went to court and tried to get on some legality shit instead handling it in the street. Now I didnt say I believe all the shit you wanna try and make me believe. I personally believe these guys are rappers reflecting on a time when they sold drugs. They may have been small time or big time but if they speaking on behalf of their whole crew or on behalf of their whole neighborhood then they may be very familiar with drug dealing. Now you saying Ross is a liar and Pusha and Nas is a liar then ok cool, since you know these guys whole life that well then maybe you dont need to listen to their music then cause you seem to be upset by the brand of music they’ve been pushing for years.

  • durptron5000

    blah blah blah, who’s the vixen? she’s fire.

  • good

    hell yes she fine as fuck! dope music

  • thecountofmontecristo

    all i have to say is Pusha T makes some CLASSIC faces when he’s rappin….

  • Right?!?

    I need Rozay to hire a trainer and get some kinda fitness regiment going. I mean, he’s BARELY MOVING in this.