Iggy Azalea – Work

blame it on Meka February 11, 2013

Gang Starr’s “Work” > A$AP Ferg’s “Work” > Iggy Azalea’s “Work.” This track – premiered by BBC’s 1Xtra show – serves as the first single off Iggy’s upcoming debut album The New Classic.

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  • los

    gawd she looks good

    the song aint that bad, where they fuck it up is with that stupid fuckin dubstub edm bullshit build up. the beat sound pretty alright without that build up.

  • los


  • Mistergood

    I don’t like the mole on her chin. it’s gross. This song is cool though.

  • Token

    Iggy can flow, but her ear for beats is pretty horrible.

  • cmon

    even tho gangstarr & ferg’s junts are better. that shot at iggy was hella unnecessary. i’m not the biggest iggy fan musically but i think she’s creating a sound and brand that’s different from things we’re hearing these days esp from females. with that being said i’ve heard & seen mad artists’ tracks that were way worst than this posted without the slick shots..

    c’mon mek you better than that son

  • Beat is decent except for that stock toy voice synth. Has potential besides that.

  • malcyvelli

    i agree with @cmon (except the stuff about A$AP ferg), the shots def werent necessary and this was nowhere near as bad as it was hinted to be

  • Quickstrike

    I think this is a pretty decent song. It kind of reminded me of TNGHT record. Might sound crazy but I definitely could hear Kanye replacing Iggy on this track and it would be a crazy amount of likes. That being said Iggy is a new artist that’s still finding her niche and I think this suites her because its going to get her fans from another crowd I think the “real rap” crowd will never really embrace her or any non lyrical female for that matter. Ex. A female version of Future or Trinidad James; 2Chainz can not prosper in rap. I saw she ditches this world an head to an alternative route to achieve success. Not the Nicki kind of alterbative tho lol

  • This girl is so fucking beautiful.

  • MeGaVeLi

    I don’t really comment anymore, and visit this site less frequent as I used to, but felt I had to say something! Meka I ride with you all day everyday homie, I’ve seen this site excel to astronomical proportions, as compared to the past when there was much less “filler”. Regardless of my opinions, I’ve always gotten this sense that we must be close to the same era, in terms of what year we were born and grew up in, and only as a hiphop head that grew up in a certain era, will KNOW and REMEMBER details, as to when shit came out, the effect it had at the time, that changed that game, and it was just an experience! I’m sorry I’m rambling … regardless, the fact of the matter is, I agree Gangstarr’s Work is #1 and nobody will ever make a song that will surpass that either in content nor production (PREMIER IS FOREVER KING) … but today is the first day I heard these other two versions of work, and after hearing both songs, specifically for content and production … to rate ASAP Fag over this shit … nigga you CRAZY !!! And that’s almost direspectful to the 80’s baby … but hey, to each is own! And I know you’re a busy guy, but perhaps make a sister site for hiphop junkies over 30, that gotta go thru 10-20 filler posts, to actually see some real hiphop shit! Bless!