Kanye West & Will Smith Are In The Studio Somewhere In Brazil Right Now…

blame it on Illy February 11, 2013

…and are currently trying their hand at Samba music. A brief clip of ‘Ye creating Samba in Rio de Janeiro with a few locals after the jump.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • who cares

    Noooooo! Get your ass away from him Will. Kanye will just bring you down to his buffoonery.

  • Pauly D

    Fucking hipster

  • midwestbeast

    Kanye trying his hand at samba! plus the fresh prince. Shit finna b smooth as hell. Greatest producer of all time?????

  • damn homie

    The Fresh Prince and Kanye?! That collaboration would be awesome!! And it’s dope to seethem working outside the box on stuff and exploring.

  • swag champ

    So smooth!! gotta start listening to more samba along with jazz

  • midwestbeast

    yup. watch samba become the nxt big thing with hip hop producers… that would b amazing. remember “breakfast” of curren$y’s album pilot talk. I believe that beat which was produced by mos def is samba. Kanye is a fan of curren$y too. mayb im reaching, but there could b a connection. lol im spazzing.

  • so tired of corny hipster wanna be white faggots

  • This decade’s Boule’ mascots.

  • DK

    Can’t lie I like some of his classics like “Summertime” and I grew up on the show and movies, but as a rapper Will Smith in my opinion tends to be on the corny side not really looking out for this lol.

  • ALD

    Kanye already had this type of sound on Late Registration with the bongos n different instruments, so it should be hot. Plus, this would be good for hip hop music because i’m tired of the same young chop Lex Luger mike will, or w.e sound. I wish they would change it up… Good thing we have a great musician that alive.

  • And 1

    Kanye sporting the only komono

  • Happy not to see a fck ton of hate-spam.

  • AGE

    only time kanye’s said ‘i can’t do this’

  • ummm…………..ok?!

  • Fuck you Newcats

    This is how you know 90% of you aren’t hip-hop; Samba has been in through the ranks of hip-hop for a while now, word to Madlib. It’s about to get annoying with all these new cats and the influx of hipster faggots riding Brazilian music to death. Smh.

  • Frankgrimes

    No Illuminati, just some Scientology

  • Lerkot

    A Kanye West fan worrying about Will Smith being corny… lol.

  • DuRag Steve

    “Kanye sporting the only komono”

    *dead :D