Dizaster vs. Arcane (Video)

blame it on Illy February 12, 2013

Dizaster goes head-to-head and defends his title against Arcane in KOTD’s Blackout 3 event co-hosted by Drake in Toronto, Canada just a few weeks ago.

  • Don Guapo

    Glad to a King of the Dot battle on 2dopeboyz

  • 40oz. Prophet

    KOTD is gonna lose all credibility for letting this bullshit happen.

  • wat

    That crowd was bullshit but Diz let himself get thrown off too much. That cost him the battle but fuck Arcane for buying bars.

  • Grimzz

    Diz did slip but the fuckery from Canada screws up again…losers.

  • Organik says he doesn’t care if Arcane bought bars to win a Championship in his League. Organik said Arcane is champ and everyone can stfu.

    Tell him what you think of his company being ran this way.

    twitter dot com / @OrganikHipHop

    All he cares is that “Controversy Sells” no matter how it might make his company look.

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  • You can never predict the outcome of these revelations. People are getting tired of the personals and wanna hear bars. Still not a good look for Canadian crowds, it would be great to see Arcane try to defend it against Caustic, Pesci or Hollohan.