Drake – Started From The Bottom (prod. Mike Zombie & Noah “40” Shebib) [Extended Version]

blame it on Illy February 12, 2013

Now with the extended outro including the additional piano chords of Noah “40” Shebib. This will likely be the version we hear on the album. Purchase the single on iTunes now.

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  • PaulLakers

    *insert joke about drake not starting from bottom*

  • sam

    PaulLakers +1

  • StartedFromThePoopNowWeHere

    Does it still sound like a piece of shit? Because I’m not gonna listen if it’s just an extended poop.

  • mordeci

    how you start from the bottom and you jewish !?


  • Untuchd_reno

    I wanted a 3rd verse from Drake, shame. I still bump the song daily.

  • Lil’ Wigga

    Ghetto ain’t the bottok my nigga. I’m from the ghetto and I know my nigga Deizzy coked from the bottom nigga, bottom is the drama, the struggle of makin’ deez amd wanting more, nigga. That’s bottom. You ghetto niggas ain’t shit for people like Drizzy and me, we on top ma nigga!

  • adi Pre

    Again, his start from the “bottom” is not the same as your’e starting from the “bottom, so get off his crotch and just appreciate the fucking track. Good to know 40 had some input, dude is a great producer.

  • canada dry

    purchase single? dafuq u think id rather purchase a condom to fuck nicki minaj than wastin money on this hoe ass nigga

  • James Dean

    Ahhh the musical stylings of 40…..Always gotta add that on

  • anonymous

    Started at the bottom ..of a popular tv show

  • WHAT!

    What’s so good about this song? tell me. this shit is horrible. the beat is typical (any REAL rapper would Murder this beat and it has the same tempo as Shot Caller and every other song that sounds like it) and this dude’s lyrics is basic as fuck (he bit Kendrick Lamar). not impressed at all. and i’ve never been really of this niggas work. i just heard it just to see what all the hype was about and that’s exactly what I got. HYPE. ya’ll lil niggas have no musical taste at all. Smh.

  • @WHAT! – Your mom swallows that is all.

  • stopit5

    I understand how some people don’t get what “bottom” he’s talking about lol. Everybody knows he’s from a middle class family. But the thing is, I feel the same way. I didn’t grow up poor. We had an alright house, 2 cars, my parents had jobs. My mom bought me kicks every once in a while. But the fact 22 years old. I feel like I’m at the bottom right now. I’m in my last year of college..with student loans up to my chin, and basically…I’m broke! Obviously, if there was a chance that I’d be on the street…I’d go back and live with my parents for a while. But this is my Bottom! I’m striving to achieve success from here. I can’t pop bottles…I can’t buy Hermes belts. Hopefully one day I will…. “when we`re here!”

    (ps. don’t take those examples too serious, I don’t care about Hermes belts lol)

  • Cap

    Stopit5 no one cares bro you’re 22 get the fuk off the blog tryna explain your life

  • cat


  • stopit5


    You mad bro? Lol I see you catching feelings. Lets hug it out lmao