J. Cole – Truly Yours (FreEP)

blame it on HD February 12, 2013

J. Cole releases 5 new songs via his Dream Villain blog and leaves us with the following message.

It’s time. I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. And I have. 
Along the way I’ve recorded at least 4 albums worth of material, lots of it being unfinished demo versions waiting to be polished up, some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space).

Tonight, I want to give you a few of these songs because you deserve them. It’s hard as fuck for me to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know it’s been hard for you to wait. Thank you for your patience. Vibe out to these songs in their raw form, no polish.. just a lot of my soul..
The wait is over.
Truly Yours,
Born Sinner

PS- 1st single coming this week. The album is hands down my best work yet. Can’t wait to share.

Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01 Can I Holla At Ya
02 Crunch Time
03 Rise Above
04 Tears For ODB
05 Stay (2009)

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Truly Yours (FreEP)

  • THe Dean


  • 2412

    Yesssss he back to story telling/deep shit on this. Just want some more hungar in his flows

  • It’s about time… Truly a great rapper

  • Sheeren

    What’s up with his line: “grey day, opened up the shed, precum glistening on my head..” ?!

  • niglips

    his best work yet. damn!!!! #FIRE

  • ,.,

    I deserve this..Gee, thanks? I’m still broke and livin at moms been rapping ill since 2005 and shit cursed like the BAY

  • 1hunnit



    don’t even waste your time DLing this BS.


  • Woahdere

    Btw how did he get that ‘Stay’ beat in 09 when Nas just came out with it last year? Lol

  • kendrick

    What’s up with his line: “grey day, opened up the shed, precum glistening on my head..” ?!


    The head of his D!ck, sherane

  • Isaac

    That Tears for ODB is a nice one, overall good EP from J. Cole.

  • ethanwilliampacket

    i was thinkin the same @kendrick and sherane pause

  • adi Pre

    Fucking nice start to my day along with my Douwe Egberts coffee.

  • 5 dope tracks, Cole can spit raw but I still think he has some lacks in his beats

  • deeznuuuuts

    @Woahdere cole used the same sample, it sounds almost identical cause ID didnt really change the sample. youtube “seven steps to nowhere”

  • deeznuuuuts

    *no ID

  • James

    That’s ironic as fuck with the ‘Stay’ beat, good shit though. I like the way he made sure we knew it was from ’09

  • AndOneill

    Pure fire’!! Been waitin on cole for so long, worth it tho this album gonna be a classic

  • JohnnyTarr

    Cole world

  • MJ50

    J.Cornball aka The Prince of Cornball is back!

  • Lord Lushous

    CyHi used the stay beat on a mixtape last year as well

  • jrt123

    The return of NYC/Brooklyn lmfao!!

  • pete

    tears for ODB is that song

  • staybitch

    Definitely feel this.

  • Terry

    He had to let niggas know that he still got it and dropped off this dopeness

  • realtalk™

    > J.Cornball aka The Prince of Cornball is back!

    Hey moron, if you’re gonna diss Cole for being corny (really tho?), maybe you should try coming up with a less corny nickname for him..

  • MJ50

    @ realtalk™ caught feelings and starts calling people names defending J.Cornball, realtalk. Lol.

    “I let you feel like you the shit, but boy you can’t out-fart me”.

    Defend that shit (no pun intended).

  • JReezy

    Dope shit. I’m sure the album will be dope, I just hope it has a higher replay value than Cole Word.

  • Mister Nicely

    He has a lot to prove with this album, I think he is going to step up to the plate though. I’m eager to hear Born Sinner

  • gg

    this that warm up shit

  • Clock


  • marty mcfly


  • Yessir

    about time!! Cole World no nemo

  • Raymond

    There is zero progression in this guy’s entire style. How does his 2013 self have no variation in flow, subject matter or delivery from his 2009 self? That’s not consistency; that’s just lack of growth.

  • 2dope4nope

    Dope and “some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space).” which basically means NONradio friendly that’s the only cause that and commercial fit!

  • Adolph Ziggler

    This is the Cole I missed on his debut. CW wasn’t a bad album by any means but it was a bit underwhelming. I’m anxious to hear what his album will sound like now. This is a dope FreEP.

  • swagg

    “There is zero progression in this guy’s entire style. How does his 2013 self have no variation in flow, subject matter or delivery from his 2009 self? That’s not consistency; that’s just lack of growth.”

    …So Drake is showing progression with started from the bottom? Fuck you

  • Thank Me

    Whoever ^ said that this is some warm up shit

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore. This is absolute heat. We almost forgot about you Cole

  • marty mcfly

    Drake just won a grammy for best rap album. Not that the grammys is king shit in the hip hop world but that is a sign of progression on Drake’s part. People mite as well stop bringing Drake up in comparison with Cole cause Drake has done too much already and if this is the kinda shit ya’ll want from Cole musically then “progression” is one word that Cole is having trouble with. Cause Cole has a bunch of songs that all sound like these 5 and musically this EP is just one big song that stays in one zone the whole time.

  • Pauly D

    Then what about Jay-Z and Nas, marty?

    Y’all say that Cole hasn’t progressed, when he’s rapping and producing beats that are a LOT more instrumental based, as well as opening up about his past relationships.

    If that’s not progression, I really don’t know what is.

    (Unless you mean subject matter, to which I say Drake talks about the same things too).

  • Pauly D

    Can I Holla At You is something I really needed. Been listening to that particularly this entire day.

  • DBS

    More of this and less cole world on the next album please.

  • Pauly D

    “I let you feel like you the shit, but boy you can’t out-fart me”.
    Defend that shit (no pun intended).


    Come up with better ways to shoot at Cole, because y’all are just becoming redundant at this point. Try harder.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly, if Cole is a fair comparison in your mind to Jayz and Nas then hey thats your opinion but several Jayz and Nas songs and albums do not sound alike. And no these songs dont display any progression musically. They are all the same and if you wanted to hear these type of songs he has fifty of them already.

  • Rezo

    Cole’s hooks are AWFUL, I mean all of them. He has nice verses, but his songs are average at best. The hook makes the song.

  • Pauly D

    How can you say his songs have not progressed musically when I just stated the reasons why, which you didn’t exactly refute?

  • marty mcfly

    What makes these songs more progressive then the music he’s already done?

  • marty mcfly

    Or second, whats the point of even releasing these songs? Are they better then his other projects or something? How do these songs work in a way that Cole gains anything from putting out?

  • marty mcfly

    Not saying I dont like Mixtapes and EPs cause I do but one thing thats bad about them is it allows mainstream artists to throw out fillers and bad music and the fans just accept it because its free. You mentioned Jayz and Nas but during their first 4 or 5 years in the game they couldn’t chance making bad music because everything counted on every project. They didn’t make mixtapes and EPs that wasn’t fire, they had to capitalize on every project. Now artists just throw out bullshit for whatever reason. If its Curren$y or an underground artists on the come up then cool but these other mainstream MCs can keep their throwaway material imo.

  • Pauly D

    Cole doesn’t really GAIN anything, but I’m guessing he felt that we as the fans deserved it, considering the large drought.

    2nd, if you don’t see the LARGE difference in production on this one EP compared to FNL and Sideline Story, all I can truly say is get better headphones lol. It’s truly obvious Cole is using a lot more live instrumentals and talking about more revealing subject matter.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah your saying Cole doesn’t have to gain anything, 1 because the music isnt good enough to gain anything commercially or underground. The fans will most likely not give a shit about these songs a week from now cause these songs are bland and forgettable. 2 he doesn’t have to gain anything so its no need from him to try and progress musically cause these songs will ultimately serve no purpose. Just give you some sleepy ass music with basic ass bars and your happy with this weak shit. 3rd these songs are in no way better or more progressive then his other projects so not only is it no progression its a step backwards and 4th the shit almost sucks. 5 songs, all with the same tired vibe, lyrics all the same delivery and even though some of it was thoughtful, its the same shit about bitches getting their feelings hurt, other peoples struggles and people he used to know that hated on him. Wack

  • marty mcfly

    I mean meh and forgettable. #Softassshit

  • marty mcfly

    At least with Big Sean’s last mixtape he made few dope videos. I dare this strawberry milkshake, donut eating nigga to make a video to one of these bullshit songs.

  • marty mcfly

    Krispy Kreme donut eating music right here. LOL

  • marty mcfly

    J Cole = good intentions artistically but underwhelming execution. Done

  • Kidd

    @marty mcfly who made you supreme judge of music? how you feel is your opinion so just state it and keep it moving there’s fans who will disagree and others who will agree but your opinion isn’t absolute

  • marty mcfly

    You must got Dreamville tattooed on your lower back or something. Just cause a niggas beat selecting skills is worse then Nas before LIG, and his approach musically is more boring then Joe Boredom and he raps over acoustic guitar riffs like he doing a Makaveli impression, even with his song titles and perspectives. That dont mean everything he do is dope.

  • Kidd

    just like i said who made you supreme judge of music? we get it ok you think his music is repetitive and boring good for you, there are those who agree and those who disagree, why the fuck you got a vendetta to prove your opinion is right tho? damn nigga chill lol

  • malcyvelli

    cole has been a little bit lackluster than what was predicted for him, i cant lie on that,i fucks with him heavy but it is what it is, people call him not progressing just because hes not getting caught up and talking about the money and cars type of life hes living now and he stays true to his nature which is more struggle rap, the part in “holla at ya” where he talks about throwing hands with his step dad i really felt was growth right there, i thought it was dope as shit and he is progressing, it just hasnt been put on front and center stage,sure hes had a couple verses here and there but it hasnt been put fully on display for a long time
    p.s. personally i think most of FNL shouldve been his album, shit was executed almost perfect

  • DrakeOcean

    Drake = r&b. sensitive ass nigga needs to go away.

  • DrakeOcean

    Disgrace that drake won at the Grammys. It’s all part of the story when he comes out of the closet

  • DrakeOcean

    Just look at the crew Aubrey Jewish ass under. Guess he get them daps from Wayne with those French kisses. This Canadian Jew needs to be cooked into some Canadian bacon. Faggot ass society following this liberal bullshit agenda. And this EP shits on started from the bottom.

  • Thanks for sharing this wooooooo

  • marty mcfly

    @malcyvelli, I’ll give you that cosign as far as lyrical content on that particular song but the word “progression”, is not just a subject matter based word. Its more about overall style and song structure imo. I dont think progression has to do with whether or not a rapper talks about cars and money.

  • marty mcfly

    Now Miss America was aiight but that single crashed and burned already. Now lets say he kept this basic ass sounding EP to himself and just went with something like the 2012 song he put out before this EP. The 2012 joint is old but musically that would be a sign of progression from a musical and lyrical standpoint. 2012 is better then this whole EP and its progressive. You Cole World fans need to talk to ya boy before his next single crashes and burns.

  • cool

    “Proggression is not just a subject matter based word. Its more about overall style and song structure imo” ….you definitely just made that up lol, progression can be any kind of progression, subject matter, overall style, deliver, beats, anything. You cant tell somebody an artist hasn’t proggressed, only that you don’t see it, which is irrelevant because you know what they say about opinions and assholes.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but the context of the kinda progression were talking about is not based on song topics. If one song is about struggle and another is about an artists hometown, you cant tell which one is progressive based on the subjects. You need to hear the mechanics of the song to hear which one is progressive. You J Cole fans know you’ve heard this style from Cole ALOT of times already so your progressive argument doesn’t even work with this EP anyway. Take this EP and show me how these songs all have 5 different sounds and zones. You cant cause they all sound alike in sound and delivery. If I dont see the progression, then point out a song on here with something progressive that J Cole hasn’t already been doing for the last 4 years already.

  • cool

    Lol this marty guys always makes a big deal out of nothing. Cole wrote “I wanted to give you a few of these songs because you deserve it”, this is nothing but a little something to hold fans over till his album because he been mia a while, THAT’S the purpose of this, and obviousky most people like it so mission accomplished. End of story

  • asd

    just appreciate the fact that hes coming correct with a nice delivery, story telling and raw lyrics. I don’t know why you need all this other shit to be interested. Hes giving me dope story telling over chill beats and that’s all this guy needs. I dont want to hear him ‘progressing’ over techno beats and rhianna chorus’, or rapping like gucci mane about how much money he has.

  • cool

    You can’t tell me about the context of proggression “were” talking about because we had no convo about it….and the guy you spoke to about that was talking about a different kind of proggression so your alone both ways. Plus the “proggressive” arguement doesn’t need to work, accoreing to most cole fans he’s been doing great for years, so just continuing that is fine. You don’t have continue proggressing when you started out great, most rappers peak early in their careers anyway

  • Carter

    @marty mcfly maybe he put this out because its what his fans like hearing from him…..
    unlike somebody like Jay-Z who has to use an excuse to make his old style of music like he did on American Gangster. He said the movie inspired him, no he needed that album to be like that because Kingdom Come had 4 good songs at best so he had to go back to the streets. Cole has his lane and his fans like it.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok that fine but again the context in which Pauly used the word progression was that Cole was doing something new and he went on to say it had something to do with a LARGE difference in production. So tell me what progressive new production is Cole doing now. The purpose of why he did this was a side argument so you can have it but as far as this being progressive? I think Cole has done this style already multiple times. If your talking about a different context of the word progression (like the simple progression of his career like how tomorrow will progress the days of the week LOL) then its no need to bring that up with me. If you think Cole is great thats fine put dont try to hop on other person’s argument (Pauly’s progressive statement) unless you can back it up and you cant because it dont take a genius to listen to these songs and hear Cole has already dont this sound before. THAT was the context of “progressive” that was spoke on earlier.

  • cool

    From what I understand marty, you’re not the biggest cole fan which is fine. What im saying is most actual cole fans like this ep and have no problem with it, so someone who’s not a cole fan saying what your saying is irrelevant because this was for cole fans that like what cole does. He obviously didn’t do much to try to win you over. Noticeyour like the only one complaining here, so once again, mission accomplished. This sint his 2nd album just a gift for fans dying to hear something from him.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but where not talking about Jayz but just so you know, Life And Times vol, Hard Knock Life vol 2, Dynasty, Best Of Both Worlds, BP1, 2 and 3, The Black Album, Kingdom Come and American Gangster all have multiple examples of different styles of production and delivery which could also be defined as “progression” but we aint talking about Jayz. Smh

  • marty mcfly

    Ok if his mission was accomplished cause im not a big Cole fan and other people are then thats cool. No problem, anything else?

  • cool

    @marty, I didn’t “hop on another person arguement”…I literally just quoted an ignorant statement you said about progression…you literally just made up your on definition lol…an that’s cool if thatts what proggression means TO YOU but in an arguement its useless especially when your talking as if that’s fact. Then you just sound ignorant. I didn’t make the arguement that pauly did, so why would I have to tell you any of what you just asked me?

  • Carter

    I picked Hov cause I kno thats your favorite rapper. And every rapper can’t be him. Cole likes making his own beats, to me alot of them are boring but his story telling and words are what makes me listen to him. He might not have “progressed” like you said since 09 but his fans aren’t complaining about it. If anything he needs people to produce his records but he doin his own thing.

  • marty mcfly

    I didnt make up my OWN definition of the word progression. I referred to it in the same context as it was already used earlier so thats not me giving definition to the word in just my own way. @Carter, Ok thats cool and if you wanna talk about Jayz thats fine but I really aint talking about Jayz nor does he really have anything to do with this particular situation.

  • question

    is marty mcfly apart of this website or soemthing? Because I noticed he replies to damn near everybody on damn near every post as if its his job lol serious question though

  • marty mcfly

    @Carter, and just for the record, you yourself just said to you alot of them are boring and if anything he needs people to produce his records. Now if you wanna say Cole is making this cause his fans like this particular sound then there aint nothing for me to say about that because if thats what they want then thats what they want but again, you yourself kinda feel some kinda way about his beats being boring so surely you identify with what I’ve already said then.

  • cool

    @marty, you did make up your own definiton of the word, weather it was stated in that context or not before, I can quote your word again if you like lol you defined proggression as if it were fact, and your definiton wasn’t even close to the real definition of the word, admit it nigga your ignorant lol period

  • marty mcfly

    @question, tell them to give me a position then, might aswell. Im cool with it

  • cool

    @marty “if you wanna say cole is making this sound because its what his fans want to hear then its nothing for me to say about that”……LMAO MEANING YOU SHOUDNT HAVE COMMENTED IN THE FIRST PLACE…j.cole fans want to hear j.cole…this is j.cole….you.just proved yourself irrelevant lol

  • marty mcfly

    Ok if you feel that I made up a definition for the word “progression” or “progressive” and I stated it as if it were fact and it wasn’t based on any earlier comments then ok thats cool. Whether you feel I made a definition up or not dont really change the way I meant it cause even if you dont understand the context in which the word was being used, that aint my fault. Figure it out shit, Pauly was pretty specific so figure out what I was referring to then.

  • marty mcfly

    @cool, go read Carter last comment cause he knows what I meant and not only that part of him agrees with me. The reason I said what I did about what Cole fans want to hear is because I dont give a shit about that side argument so yeah I dont have nothing to say about what THEY want to hear.

  • cool

    @marty, nothing to figure out, you made an ignorant statement like you always do lol I know what you were reffering too, that statement was still out of line, bottom line. Carry on with more ignorant staements if you want though, I just pointed that one out cuz I thought it was funny how arrogant you are lol

  • Xolani

    I’ve been hearing all this isht about Cole rapping about the same old shit since 4 years ago, but wasn’t it 2Pac who said; “Hip-hop is poetry”. & when you look at it that way, Cole is a poet who refuses to conform to the ideology of what hip-hop is to people like this Marty character. Poetry has no rules, its bent & broken just so the artist can tell his story, so let the man be.

  • Xolani

    I’ve been hearing all this BS about Cole rapping about the same old shit since 4 years ago, but wasn’t it 2Pac who said; “Hip-hop is poetry”. & when you look at it that way, Cole is a poet who refuses to conform to the ideology of what hip-hop is to people like this Marty character. Poetry has no rules, its bent & broken just so the artist can tell his story, so let the man be.

  • marty mcfly

    If you know what I was referring too then It wasn’t too ignorant and again even Carter and Im sure a whole lot of others agree with what I said and meant. Whats ignorant is you jumping in the convo and then when you have the chance to prove what the original context of the way “progression” was used, You dance all around it by talking about what you dont understand. If you have an opinion about what was being said then either counter it correctly or STFU cause if you dont understand the context of something thats not nobodies fault. Again go read the last comment from Carter and both sides of the argument is on display and that comment could’ve just ended the whole shit right there. @Xolani, poetry has no rules but just so we’re clear, you just said you’ve heard this kinda BS before so you know what im saying then. And No im not trying to give out hip hop rules, im just talking about something that you seem to have already heard for years now.

  • marty mcfly

    Carter – “Cole likes making his own beats, to me alot of them are boring but his story telling and words are what makes me listen to him. He might not have “progressed” like you said since 09 but his fans aren’t complaining about it. If anything he needs people to produce his records but he doin his own thing.” I think that pretty much says everything for both sides of the coin right there.

  • cool

    @marty…the “original context of the way proggression was used ” is irrelavant, I didn’t “dance around” anything..that’s just your interpretation, what I did was point out what you said(after reading what was aid before) and coming to the conclusion your ignorant lol because you said “proggression is more about style and structure”…which is ignorant in 2 ways, 1 there is no definition of proggression as far as music goes so it can be anything, 2 that’s your opinion of what proggression is and you used that to argue with someone who was using the owrd in a different context which is POINTLESS….end of story

  • marty mcfly

    Ok well it seems like you dont know what context progression was being used in. Well here’s a hint, were talking about music obviously and what you call me making my own opinionated and definitive fact was actually me responding to Pauly (in which he said a LARGE difference in production was on this project in comparison to his last 2, which is my main disagreement there) and then I responded to malcyvelli telling him about what I was referring to and what Im not considering as part of the “progression” debate in regards to rapping about money and cars. So how you got lost or just wanna stay stuck on what you think I meant even after it was clear to about five different people in this section, idk.

  • marty mcfly

    Unless you can show me how a LARGE difference in production on this EP, (or lyrical DELIVERY) makes it more progressive then his last couple projects then everything else your saying is not really what Im talking about or even give a shit about cause I dont think the context of how progression was used earlier when it was directed toward me can be any more clear.

  • D.

    This shit is dope af. still cant wait for that j.cole kendrick.

  • D.

    why niggas always gotta pick shit apart and compare all the time Just Enjoy This Shit. Jets

  • marty mcfly

    @D, Ill leave like this then cause I dont hate Cole and like I said earlier I think his intentions artistically are good. Im gonna say the same comment I said way back in early 2011 before his album singles and his album. I just wanna hear one song from Cole thats as good as either Blow Up or Im On It. After that I aint got shit else to say negative about his musical choices. Just give me those two songs right there. Why? Because I feel those songs were a better representation then Who Dat and In The Morning and I said that way back then. Now if you wanna take that as hating then go ahead but you should be able to see I way I singled out those two songs and remember Cole performed at the BET awards with Blow Up and then it was quiet from there until his mixtape dropped not capitalizing on Blow Ups impact and it was also on radio at that time. Just saying, give me one song thats as good as either one of those songs and everything else i’ll say about this cat will be position. WORD

  • marty mcfly

    Either Blow Up or Im On It and im good and I think even the Cole World stans would also like that energy from Cole this year instead of this shit.

  • somebodyshuthimup

    @marty mcfly this is all opinions dawg. if you dont like it, fine. but me personally I think if you dont like this you have no idea of what music should sound like. you go head listen to drake and tyga and all that NON-SENSE-rap… smfh at you man. cole done started the hip hop renaissance and picked up where blu and exile left it in 07 and then gave it to kendrick. he will be a big part of all this when all is said and done. i didnt fuck with Cole World but his previous work was CLASSIC. Warm Up and FNL are classics, i dont care what anybody say. and if he gets back to his style from these days his 2nd coming will be a classic. also man, you need to get out more, you be here 24/7 hatin on every rapper with content. yeah i see you. go out, live life, have some fun, read some books and then start to analyse again, if you still think the same way as before, well, f it, i dont care haha

  • marty mcfly

    You just said all that shit and in the same comment you say you didnt even fuck with Cole World, his major debut album smh. 2nd I give alot more props to artist and their music on here then do saying some shit aint dope but you focus on the latter only because you cant say what your saying without going overboard. When @malcyveli, gave his opinion I respected it and responded back to respectfully even though I disagreed with it but most of you dont do that. You give some over the top response and make claims saying how this fool got classics yada yada yada and how anybody who aint feeling him is this or that instead of just saying you like the shit for whatever reason and thats when my real talk gets even more realer. Instead of making some wild claim about how this guy is starting a hip hop renaissance like this one guy effects the whole movement of the entire culture, just say why you like the shit cause thats some shit I cant argue with you about but if you start with this whole shit like if I dont like Cole or Kendricks music then Im this or that, well then im gonna get specific and tell you exactly why I dont like it.

  • malcyvelli

    progression is a malleable word, i meant progression as a whole though, im not gonna say everything he has to offer has gotten amazing but i do see improvement and thats what really matters, he gives more of his story and keeps his own sound, i think he needs to fall back from producing so much of his own stuff and let some better producers do their thing because i still feel cole has alot to offer in the potential department and the right producer can unlock that, his lyricism is improving, delivery is improving, and i also meant with the “money and cars” part of my last comment that he doesnt have that element to his sound where it sounds too polished and perfect, basically the “it” factor that keeps alot of people from fucking with drake, cole doesnt succumb to that and keeps his grit, i still think he can keep that grit and sound worlds better musically if he fell back from his own production a bit more

    lol @somebodyshuthimup

  • somebodyshuthimup

    im not even gonna read what you just wrote. but the fact that you took your time proves that im right after all. you need to get out the house homes! seriously.

  • somebodyshuthimup

    *to respond to my nonsense hahaha

  • Can’t get enough of his music #COLEWORLD

  • Not a mixtape but it’s something. Hopefully we get a mixtape out of the really good material not making the album.

  • Truth

    Niggas stay mad that Cole’s throwaway tracks are better than their favorite rapper’s album lol

    Cole & Kendrick on top

  • FredRico

    It’s sad but marty mcfly is actually right about most of what he says (as far as progression, new vs. old material from J. Cole, this FreEP’s quality). Specially against Pauly, who said nothing and still wanted marty to “refute” him? Sorry, I’m a Cole fan, but there’s nothing progressive about the beats on this project, and like marty said, changing subject matter is not inherently a progression (and he didn’t change anyway).

    So, stop trying to come with the “progression” argument to justify a project that is not really as good as any of his previous. It’s not shit, but it’s less acceptable when we’ve heard it all before.

    Miss America was a better direction, so let’s just hope the single is better.

    There’s no point in jumpin all at marty mcfly, because he’s actually making constructive, reasonable criticism, which does more to raise the quality of J. Cole’s music than the “yes men” defending him.

  • S30s


  • FreeTheMind

    marty mcfly is a hater lol. There’s nothing constructive about his criticism. I’ve seen him troll everything by J. Cole. He’s not a fan. Move along, no one cares.

  • marty mcfly

    No im not a fan but several people who are seem to agree with what I said. I mean was I saying something that wasn’t true about this EP? Ok then, and im not the only one to say this type of shit. Go back to Coles previous posts. How many times do you see alot of other people say or imply the same shit? When Cole put out Miss America I said I like the direction of the song and a bunch of people before my comment and after it were dissing the song dissing his first album. I was not so no you dont see me just “hating” on everything by J Cole.

  • msvssr

    maybe u guys should upload the new single “Power Trip”

  • Krazynm

    anyone have another download link for this cuz the one posted is expired?