• Check

    I'm just hoping this is something like the first Album (if not better)... but i believe his producing the whole thing by himself, so I don't know. That sounds suspect. and Strictly hip hop? We'll see.

  • xastey

    MY FUCKING BDAY.. YES!! Please don't disappoint

  • realtalk™

    Any real Cudi fan will know this means it's coming out somewhere early fall..

  • jobie

    real fanbase for this dude. fans always thirsty and always has at least some buzz

  • cobra

    cant wait 2 cop a few of dem shits i fuckx wit cudi the long way

  • mad

    what the hell he said it was coming out in march not too long ago FUCK

  • 2

    kid cudi doing "strictly hip hop" has alot of potential ("Daps and Pounds", "T.G.I.F.")

  • http://joshrichraps.com Josh Rich RapsOfficial

    Missed 4/20.

  • keefer

    @realtalk haha! i swear i thought that same thing his shit aint finna be done that soon, it needs touching up n shit but i bet it be done by end of summer., fall 13'

  • http://www.stillonthebench.blogspot.com TR

    Gonna be dope as always

  • adi Pre

    I hope we have more Cudi production now he's using the Maschine, either way Cudi don't disappoint, incredible artist.