The-Dream Speaks On Jay-Z’s Grammy Jab

blame it on Shake February 12, 2013

On Sunday night during the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Jay-Z took the stage with The-Dream and Frank Ocean to accept the award for Best Rap Song/Collaboration for “No Church In The Wild.” During his acceptance speech, Jay took some time out to take a light jab at Terius’ attire (“I’d like to thank the swap meet for his hat.”) The internet, being the internet erupted and started imaginary “beef” as usual. Calling into the Qdeezy Show on Hot107.9 in Philly, The-Dream assured it was all fun and games and that the two crack similar jokes all the time. Shouts to hhnm on the heads up.

Now, can we get passed this and start getting ready for The-Dream’s next single “Slow It Down” and upcoming album, Fourplay.

  • cmon son

    better was the jab from one of the members of Fun when he thanked Jay while accepting their grammy. Jay looked displeased and yelled back at the stage from his seat.

  • Jay is a disloyalty bastard smh always embarrassing his own friends in front of the world!

    Remember what he did to Freeway!

  • marty mcfly

    Joke – something said or done with humorous intention to provoke laughter or cause amusement… It’s not a diss people or a jab people, it was a joke and it’s really not that serious. He’s was talking about a fucking hat. Get over it. Anyway The Dream is dope and so was his hat at the grammys.

  • SforMusic

    his hat was dope but his headwear choice wasn’t

  • relaxmydude

    @cmon son. Jay actually said your welcome. He didn’t yell anything bad back. Another person that is making something out of nothing.

  • eeq

    i think jay was just subtley sticking up for frank because dream sort on sonned him in front of everybody.

  • Shawn

    Jay actually spoke the real. The Dream looked like a bum. Come on man, be presentable. Regardless of what people think about the Grammy’s, the shit isn’t a place to go looking like a shmuck.

  • 7

    I agree with Shawn, it’s the effing Grammy’s not a house party. Dress accordingly.

  • lol

    Fun thanked Jay z because ‘We Are Young” was originally made for watch the throne.
    The more you know…

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    shit wasn’t even that funny …. gotdamn …all this attention is coming from the fact jay said the word “swap meet” in front of some white people …

  • william

    *past…fuck y’all.

  • startthinking

    @lol ironic you say the more you know..because you are still wrong haha. It was written with the hopes Rihanna would take lead vocals and Jayz n Kanye were to feature on it. Came out way past watch the throne and was never a part of it. Wouldnt have even fit the power theme dude. Artist dont just throw songs on albums because they are gonna be on it. think before you speak dude. Anyone can look it up

  • whiteboiiKuf

    LMAO .. jay said “swap meet” in front of some white people.lololol funny shit. yeah listen up ppl gotta stop bussin nuts fantasizing on some nu-beef bullmotherfucking shit yuuu bitches. and jay spoke real, its not a houseparty or a damn BBQ and there dream ghetto ass is up on stage ACCEPTING A GRAMMY!!!!! dressed like a fool, whole world lookin at his bum azz.. what a loser.