• Juanka

    FINALLY, Tone makes a real comeback!! been waitin on this since archetype...i kno he delivers

  • dez

    ABOUT-FUCK-KING-TIME! Tone never disappoints.

  • the yay guy


  • IV

    She has me speaking the Spanglish like Tu eres SEXYYYYYYY! Tone is that dude.

  • Juicy-G

    MY EYES ARE PEELED FOR THE MULTI MASTER!!! About fucking time lol.

  • who cares

    Looks dope

  • bouttime

    fukin a

  • cmon…

    Where is the Thousand Ships video from the Megashow 2 years ago??

    Any sign of Chico & The Man material > This > Tone's podcasts

  • BigWill48

    Does QN5 still have a fanbase?

  • crown vic

    one worded titles. this should be interesting…