• ScottA

    This documentary looks like it will really be worth watching; but I just can't understand how one could make anything that talks about making it independently and doesn't mention Tech N9ne.

    I'm not a fan of his music, but the fanbase he has built is nothing short of phenomenal. As far as independent artists and brands go, Strange Music is right at the top of the ladder. Hats off to the guy.

  • Cortez

    ^^ Word to ScottA.

  • http://www.demosdocumentary.com Reem

    There is a reason why Tech N9ne didnt make the film and its completely on me...but i have an interview with him and you will see him in my web series that launches in March...stay tuned! Thanks for the love tho!

  • https://soundcloud.com/jesus-of-swaggerath-fskf/lets-x-go-pt-2-produced-by JesusGOHARD

    Yo I need something like this, this independent grind is a journey, got offered Major deals in the past, they was handing me *Slave Contracts*, So I decided to do it myself (Everything), So I'm a most def check this out.

  • http://www.demosdocumentary.com Reem

    @jesusGOHARD i think you will find the doc helpful bro...