French Montana – Freaks f. Nicki Minaj

blame it on Shake February 13, 2013

With Valentine’s Day less than eight hours away, French Montana liberates the latest single from his upcoming album Excuse My French (May 19). And while I’d like to say the insane amount of “Bad Boy Records” tags is what ruins the song, but it’s just the music itself that does the trick. The “best album to come out in a decade” isn’t sounding so album of the decade’ish IMO. UPDATE: No tags, same result.

  • gregory kruxx.

    This is by far complete garbage truck juice!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the fuck allowed what beatmaker to mesh that shit together than give it to frenchy and tha stuck up american idol brod to pollute the air waves…my god this is crap. smh

  • whateveriguess

    So is this property of bad boy records?

  • 2dopefans

    there are many words that i could use to describe this song but since its ash wednesday, il just say God Help Us!

  • HesusDuece

    This will be rated very hot over there at hotnewhiphop

  • 50 cent

    Ah shit my bones are aching. A storm is coming. Prepare to hear this song played bihourly on every JAMZ, HOT, KISS, and WILD radio station for over half a year.

  • Jordan

    Is he really trying to be Uncle Luke 2013 with all these twerk songs?


    Between this and the new Wayne/Drake/Future song, I’m about to say fuck RAP altogether if this is what’s considered good by the masses of sheeple.

  • I didn’t totally hate it. I will though, I promise.

  • jb

    His album will most definitely be one of the best thing we heard in a decade.

  • WHAT!

    @50 cent – don’t forget POWER!

  • Good Peoples!

    I was wondering why is there so many NOPES on this post! Then I listened to the song and added 1 more NOPE

  • Brother Man

    This is gonna be a hit. Don’t know why y’all are hating. Its a solid commercial track

  • Geezy

    Somewhere, Chaka Demus, The Pliers & Beanie Man are shaking their goddamn heads. I’m confused as to how Montana is even eating, this shit is terrible. Even worse is the cover art for the album actually looked like it had some depth to it, then this shit is released as a single. Terrible.

    • trillest

      I was about to say this lol. How this nigga rapin’ that Murda She Wrote beat like this. Damn French Y u do that for? Nicki ain’t no damn Jamaican she need to shut the fuck up she don’t know nothing bout the culture smh.

  • 44wade

    And people wonder why his album keeps getting pushed back lol

  • SMH

    NOPE 184 >>> 34 DOPES


  • uhhhhhhhh nah.

  • French Hater

    I didnt think it could get worse from French Montana…it just did

  • david

    ‘Tags is what ruined the song’… Song’s gotta be nice in the first place to be ‘ruined’ but it was never nice

  • BobbyWhite

    wait what… this is actually kind of good, quit hating… French done worse

  • JPM

    this shit is actually hot.. His flow sounds good on this beat