• Mike Dieseal

    how niggaz hating T-Pain when he brought the style to mainstream?

    T-Pain = Kool G Rap

    Future = Shark Nigga

  • nc0310

    Auto-tune was never the hot thing to do T-Pain...

  • jigga warrior

    why are we still having this conversation after Jay dropped DOA? why does Future have a career? why is T-Pain still relevant?

  • gregory kruxx.

    T-Pain you on drugz niggah!!!! How does Future write great songs???!!!
    This is where we are now in society???!!!???
    Future writes great songs u on drugz...I get the point bout auto tune but why not go all the way in...MORON
    They both wack

  • PF

    Future's Autotune > T-Pain's Autotune > Chief Keef's Autotune

    But it would still be better if it just went away. Future's best song is probably the only one that I've ever heard him do without autotune (Same Damn Time).

    (Except for that one part, I know...)

  • DK

    T-Pain is just mad because he isn't nearly as relevant as he was a few years ago. 4-5 years ago when literally every other song had ridiculous amounts of autotune T-Pain wasn't saying anything because people were still reaching out to him for features.

  • james

    T-Pain is asking too much from these pop RnB bitches. Pain acutally has talent and music IQ, and as a producer he probably throws up in his mouth everytime he hears these half-assed songs made in 20mins.

    Lil kids will listen to whatever the music execs tell them to, it ain't a matter of being "relevant" lol

  • jhock420

    I dont really like either artist but T Pain is an idiot for acting like he knows something about making music correctly. furthermore there is no correct way to use it, its a stupid invention that only kanye has made sound cool

  • the realest

    niggaz is hatin on future for real tho. t-pain has mastered auto-tube but damn. cant nobody else eat off that? especially when the songs hes writting go? i didnt see him getting at wayne or kanye. the nigga just hatin cuz future that nigga right now. the lil dungeon family prodigy. the fact that the auto-tune sound off is what plays into the nigga's chopped n screwed syrup lil singy flow. the "me and my drank" lil wayne shit that WENT. nothings new. niggaz just hatin.

  • daddy

    He's probably just saying that he writes good songs to keep it from sounding like a subliminal diss