The Weeknd – Twenty Eight (Video)

blame it on Illy February 13, 2013

Directed by NABIL.

With Trilogy now certified gold, The Weeknd continues the pace with a dark visual featuring topless strippers and girl-on-girl action to one of the LP’s previously unreleased tracks.

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  • best video of 2013..seen this guy live twice he’s the real fuckin deal, can’t wait for the new album XO

  • Mejustme

    fucking amazing…watching his journey as an artist has been epic…

  • RnB

    The Dream >>>>>>> The Weeknd

  • Jay Daniels

    ^ No matter how many times you say it this will never be true.

  • This man is.. no words…raw perfection! been a fan since 2011.

  • KIM

    @Jay Daniels You sound like a fucking idiot, it’s an opinion

    But i love this video, i didn’t know vevo showed tits :)

  • Zofiele

    ^ Of course you love this video. Of course. I’m sure if there is any message the artist is trying to convey with the vid, it’s lost on you. But hey, at least you get to enjoy MORE TITS, amidst the tits shortage in entertainment these days. Fucking choad.

  • naoshad

    i prefer this dude’s music without visuals. seeing his face ruins the songs for me

  • KIM

    @Zofiele LMFAO!! I swear you faggots on this website are too emotional and always talking out of your ass smh

    I wasn’t saying that was the only entertainment for me, i’m a female i don’t even like women, i was just surprise that they showed naked women you idiot LOL

  • yeahhhhhhhhhh shake put a like system on the comments or swtich to discus. so i people can boo this nigga booing the dream… and i live the dreams terius Nash tape, but tomorrows valentines day RnB and nobudys fucking to you!

  • CRI

    @25th you dont get no pussy shut up!

  • Me

    My nigga’s crazy.

  • Magnificent


    Skanky hoe, what’s wrong with his face? Why don’t you show us your face before you critic others’. I bet it’s uglier than a monkey’s ass.

  • Nabil is an extremely talented Director/Photographer.

  • I can’t help but think of MJ. The Weekend has mad talent though.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    The Weeknd is the the fuckin truth, I’m a fan.