Mike Posner – Started From The Bottom (rmx) f. Asher Roth, T. Mills, Chuck Inglish & King Chip (Video)

Mike Posner creates his very own rendition of Drake's "Started From The Bottom" with help from Asher Roth, T. Mills, Chuck Inglish and King Chip.

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  • JoMoses

    Fuck this jam band shit.

    Outside of Chuck all those niggas careers been stagnet as fuck for like 3 years. Poser & Asher can't even get second albums out. Chip cool having a Curren$y of the midwest type career, no commercial sucesss needed . I'm a fan of Roth and Chip, but I'm fed up....for today lol.

    These started from the bottom still semi at the bottom freestyles gotta fucking stop btw.

  • Yeah, This is dope...

  • rese

    fuck t.millz whoever the fuck that is... with asher and action bronson as exceptions why are all white rappers lame as fuck, cornball ass motherfuckers

  • rese

    also chip is the fucking man

  • $$$

    Chuck & Asher did it

  • Advance

    Lol @ Asher did it. He had like 4 lines

  • nc0310

    @rese shut your racist ass up

  • rese

    @nc0310 Fuck outta here i aint racist im white and white rappers are fucking terrible,. fuck you pussy

  • Swaggz

    dude Chuck Inglish took Juelz Santana verse from Hey Ma...

  • $$$

    Smh @Advance no shit dumb fuck, the bars are from Hey Ma, it was unexpected

  • harlem shake

    apparently nobody has ever heard hey ma

  • pete


  • Shmack

    This shit is awful. Period.


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