50 Cent – We Up f. Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd

blame it on Illy February 15, 2013

With a video shot and expected for a release very soon, 50 Cent drops off the audio to his latest track “We Up” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd. Street King Immortal drops this Spring.

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  • pILLpusha

    Unexpected and dope!

  • karma

    This is dope, but I still got to laugh at how 50’s musical career has fallen off these past years. Yeah, I know he’s rich but he shitted on so many people, and tried to fuck with other artists money (Fat Joe, Jadakiss etc) on his way to the top. Now, he has to beg his own label to put his album out.

  • h-21

    who produced this?

  • Sorry Miss Jackson

    This shit is fuckin HORRIBLE!!
    Whoever is saying this shit is dope, need to keep their ass over at!
    Those drums… are fuckin loops!!
    And it’s wack!!
    50 needs to stop singin and get a real producer to come in and help him construct a song.
    Kidd Kidd…. nah brah.
    Kendrick phoned those lines in.


  • truelife

    Sooooo many artist don’t even past a year.. ever heard of a 1 hit wonder? those people still getting paid, most likely.. 50 been doing this for years… and years.. no, he aint at the top of the game he once was, but how many artist are? he still makes dope music.. just not many commercial hits.. which is okay with me? Im sure he trying to get paid tho, and I can’t hate that either..

  • RED_bWs

    I’m bWs for life, but DAMN 50 has been dropping dope music lately. New Day, My Life, Major Distribution, now this?

    This is the first 50 album I’m looking forward to since The Massacre.

  • Too too dope track SKI shapin up to be a good album. Respect how 50 puts his artists on and shares the spotlight with them. The Game had the whole of Good Music and MMG on his last album but aint a single feature for his bum artists like Masone or Menice lol sad.

  • Oh and that boy Kidd Kidd can rap im impressed.

    SKI GKMC lets go

  • spewing

    @Sorry Miss Jackson

    Of course the drums are fuckin loops… how do you think beats are made fool?

  • ‘sheed

    Eh, I expected more from that preview. I know y’all love Kendrick Lamar but he killed the smooth flow of the track. And they switched up the beat during the hook too; shoulda left it alone, it’s not as smooth. And cuttin’ 50’s second verse? shit was fire tho. i had high expectations after that preview. if kidd kidd just finished his verse on that preview, and they kept the beat and 50’s verses the way they were… shit would be fire.

  • who cares

    Mediocre and forgettable. Too many premature “dopes” on this. Listen to the shit before you hit that button.

  • Decepticon

    lol at [email protected] comment about The Game, thats so true dude The Game never puts on his crew (whatever its called) on his albums, He gets too busy dickriding the whole industry that he leaves out his own crew.

    50 always bring his artist with him as The Game himself.

    As for the song, its dope end of … a hell lotta DOPES and 4.66/5 rating by the listeners on

  • silence

    this is kinda average to me. But I never particularly liked 50 cents music anyway

  • asd

    fucked up the drums on the chorus, the snare is off beat and it ruins the chorus, original version was better but this still goes. I love the verses, wish they would have just left the drums laone on the chorus

  • kiko

    dede fitten to get back on the map with this feat.

  • bjr5005

    50 doesn’t fuck with alot of rappers for him to make a track with kdot shows alot of love

  • Jordan

    ^It’s the other way around. Other rappers don’t mess with 50 because he’s burned so many bridges.

  • MyFiddyCents

    This guy fifty is literally going in on poor folks LOL.

    The guys a nut.

    and we hear the top peeled like an orange bar for the “fifty-leven”th time.

    Kdot couldn’t save the track this time.

  • ……………smh @ u

    Kidd Kidd is trash and anybody complaining about the beat is a retard that need their ears checked.

  • Chuck E

    Why is the only thing I’m thinking is “Damn, how mad is Shyne at this?”

  • Greatness

    Yaa know this hot, stop denying it. This gonna get airplay n more exposure for all parties. 50 and TDE both profit.

  • Dishant

    The People that say 30’s career fell off… You’re right, but it’s because he’s a smart ass nigga. He’s transitioning from his musical career to a business career. He stopped producing his music and going after his headphone venture. If you’re following him on twitter, you know what I mean..

  • The Vet

    @Sorry Miss Jackson lol if the song wasn’t played by a drummer during each and every single take then of course they’re looped you fucktard .. everything out is looped, unless they were all in a single room with the live band nshit like back in the days when music was 90% analog.

    @asd I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that lil mess up in the chorus was them trying to add a realistic “swing” to the track, if not, they fucked up lol

  • V

    Best thing I heard from Fif in a while. Before the Kendrick show in Amsterdam they played Major Distribution, that went pretty hard. This is kinda the transition Fif shoulda made sooner. This is closer to his actual life.

  • Jon

    Damn I must be the only one who thinks KiddKidd had the best verse… much love for Lamar but he should’ve went with a smoother approach. Regardless, I will buy me some streetking immortal.

  • otnorot

    i hope kendrick didnt write 50’s verse because he did better than most of the shit he comes out with on this track

  • Salty


  • yamommma

    songs cool. but whoever said the snare was off beat in the hook just set all urban/rap listeners and fans back a million years. can’t give yu clowns anything different.

  • asd

    @yamomma thats because it is off beat, no one said they didnt like the song but you’re kidding yourself if you think that off beat snare doesnt take away from the song

  • yamomma

    @asd it’s called syncopation, and if you my friend are having trouble maintaining your head nod over the swing of that snare. your ears are horrible are your musical background is shit. that is all

  • Miso

    I glanced @ that title and saw “f. Kendrick Lamar & Kid CuDi”…talk about disappointment.

    Song is aight doe.

  • fucku

    one of 50 best hook’s in a while.

  • BayArea415


    You and me both buddy… and me both. Weak

  • malcyvelli

    this shit is way more nope than dope, not a bad song per say but i was satisfied after hearing it just once

  • euro

    “per se” learn latin dude


  • Guerrero

    From Colombia, i say… “yes”… nice song… nice beat… thats a really rich-lifestyle … hahahaha